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Service Learning Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project

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Service Learning Project

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  1. Service Learning Project By: Alyse LeMieux

  2. Why do Community service? • Community service is a great way to give back to the community. • By helping just one person in your community, it could change their lives forever. • Then maybe by showing how to help the community, others will follow your footsteps.

  3. What types of Community Services can someone join? • Habitat for Humanity • Lamp • Sororities and Fraternities • Good Will • Blood Drive • And many, many more…

  4. Some community service I did this semester: • I donated blood for the Red Cross and then help them with the front desk. This is a great way to help people all over the country. • I also participated in the Shamrock project with my work, O’Charleys. • Another way I helped the community was help restore lawns and apartment complexes all over Valdosta.

  5. The Red Cross Association After many years of campaigning on its behalf, the American Red Cross is founded by Clara Barton and a circle of associates. From inception, the organization's actions have been guided by its dedication to humanity and a desire to promote mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and a lasting peace.

  6. The Red Cross • I really love the fact that I know somewhere I might have saved a life. • I hope someone would want to do the same for me.

  7. Helping Around Valdosta • I went around Valdosta with a few close friends and cleaned up lawns, parks, and apartment complexes. • I enjoyed cleaning up because I know that many of the citizens around that area appreciate our help. • I don’t believe there is anything more rewarding

  8. Shamrock Events • In the Spring of 2005, PCA America launched a national blue wrist band campaign to raise awareness of, and funding for, its leading child abuse prevention efforts. Kappa Delta collegiate chapters and alumnae associations across the country became the primary lead in selling these wrist bands as either part of annual Shamrock Events or separately. • I personally, have been helping with this organization for three years.

  9. Shamrock Foundation: My sister is a girl scout, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the girls, as well as help raise money for the cause.

  10. How FYE Help me Become Involved • The FYE Program helps new Valdosta State students become involved all around the community. • The FYE program provides the students with many different programs and will give any help needed to complete this process. • Without the FYE program, as well as Dr. Tillman, I would not have become involved with the Valdosta community.