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Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project. Montserrat Rosas BEEP 4384 Dr. Amaro. The Experience.

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Service Learning Project

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  1. Service Learning Project Montserrat Rosas BEEP 4384 Dr. Amaro

  2. The Experience • I had the privilege of working with several children the teacher believed needed extra help. Also, I was fortunate to gain experience working with students of different learning styles, abilities and personalities.

  3. Math Bulletin Board • If needed, we used this board as an aid to help the student remember when we worked with greater than, less than or addition and subtraction.

  4. Doing Math • I was impressed to see that Mrs. Ortiz is preparing the children to be able to solve word problems by breaking it down and looking at each part.

  5. More Math Working with visuals Doing it orally

  6. We used these coins as a manipulative to identify each and its value. Then, we used them to do simple addition problems.

  7. Language Arts • During a session, the student and I worked on adjectives. We had to describe shapes that were in an unknown bag and these provided them with plenty of examples.

  8. Using Maps These maps helped us when studying about insects. They also helped when studying about Texas.

  9. Science Bulletin Board

  10. The students’ and my personal favorite was science. We observed the guppies and had to make “I notice” and “I wonder” statements. The student was very engaged and excited to learn!

  11. More Guppies

  12. Observing the Beetles • In this part the student had to do something similar to the guppies. This time, however, and for obvious reasons the student was able to hold, touch and see the beetle move around.

  13. The students were thrilled to get a chance to study about insects not just in a traditional way but through a hands-on experience! The child I worked with mentioned that he wanted to become a scientist and that when he got home he would explore other insects. I thought this was wonderful because it sparked in him a greater interest for learning.

  14. Best Experience Ever! • I truly enjoyed working with these wonderful children that have a vivid imagination and an intense curiosity for learning. I was able to help them learn new things and provided guidance when it was necessary; however, they too helped me become a better, informed person, parent and educator.

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