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Service Learning Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project

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Service Learning Project

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  1. Service Learning Project EDUC 390 West Salem Middle School Teaching Group Dan Stanek, Brandon Olufs, Michelle Glasshoff, Brooke Boisvert, Dana Lindley, Rachel Hoscheit, Charlie Alexander, & Andrew Dillenburg

  2. Panther’s Pantry Panther’s Pantry holds a direct correlation with the West Salem Middle School Pledge: “I pledge to make an impact at school and in our community.”

  3. A need in OUR community • There are approximately 834 parents within the WSMS community and given the current La Crosse county unemployment rates, an approximate 60 of those parents are unemployed. • 13% of the families live at or below the poverty line in LaCrosse County

  4. Project Goal Raise awareness about local poverty and take action in the community.

  5. Objective #1 • The Students Will: discover the needs of the community through the lessons taught in our 8 individual content areas.

  6. Objective #2 • The Students Will: organize a fundraising event to raise community awareness of local families in need.

  7. Objective #3 • The Students Will: produce a variety of artifacts to generate funds toward our common goal.

  8. Pre-assessment • Survey • This survey will determine student’s background knowledge of poverty and unemployment levels within the community

  9. Social Studies Curriculum • B.8.2 Employ cause-and-effect arguments to demonstrate how significant events have influenced the past and the present in United States and world history • B.8.7 Identify significant events and people in the major eras of United States and world history • B.8.12 Describe how history can be organized and analyzed using various criteria to group people and events chronologically, geographically, thematically, topically, and by issues

  10. Concert at Heider Center • The concert would include choral performances by each of the middle school choirsand/or concert band. • Tickets to the concert will be soldby way of money or non-perishable food items • Proceeds donated to Hunger Task Force, Salvation Army, WAFER, etc.

  11. Booths • Before and after the concert, booths will be open to showcase student work • These booths will also provide entertainment and sales of goods to raise money

  12. Music Booth • At this booth, music will be played for the event attendees • Performances by students in small ensembles • Guest artists (acoustic guitar sets) • Background music • Donations

  13. Music Standards • A.8.1 Sing accurately and with good breath control throughout their singing ranges, alone and in small and large ensembles • A.8.3 Sing music representing diverse genres and cultures, with expression appropriate for the work being performed • H.8.5 Describe ways in which the principles and subject matter of other school disciplines interrelate with those of music

  14. English • In English class the teacher will focus on the topic of hunger and relate it to the service learning project by having her students create original poems about hunger. • The students will be able to pick any style of poetry that they wish to create. Examples: Haiku, Acrostic, Cinquain, Limerick.

  15. An example of some poems about hunger: HUNGER Homeless people Unhappy children Need nutrition Generosity needed Eager to get fed Raise money to help the needy

  16. English Standards • W.8.3. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences. • WHST.6-8.4. Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

  17. Spanish • In Spanish class the students will bring the poems that were created in English class to translate. • As mentioned before, the main focus of the poems will be hunger.

  18. An example of a hunger poem translated into Spanish: HAMBRE Las personas sin hogarLos niños son infelicesNecesitan una nutriciónLa generosidad es necesariaEstán ansiosos por obtener alimento Recaudamos dinero para ayudar a los necesitados

  19. Spanish Standards • C.5. Forms of writing: Students will write short compositions and letters. • H.2. Idioms: Students will identify expressions that cannot be translated word for word in order to derive meaning.

  20. Letter home to parents

  21. ART Academic standards met through the art lessons • C.8.6 Develop the craft and skills to produce quality art • J.8.6 Learn the value of art as a basic part of being human • K.8.1 Connect their knowledge and skills in art to other areas, such as the humanities, sciences, social studies, and technology • K.8.3 Apply what they know about the nature of life, nature, the physical world, and the human condition to their understanding and creation of art

  22. Examples of Functional Ceramic Art

  23. ART ctd… • C.8.2 Understand what makes quality design • F.8.2 Understand some visual techniques used in mass media

  24. Example Flyer for Fundraiser

  25. Technology Education Standards: C.8.5 Explain the value of technical knowledge and teamwork in the development of a device or process C.8.6 Explain how changing the physical characteristics of material or the format of information can increase its usefulness

  26. Science Standards F.8.1 Understand the structure and function of cells, organs, tissues, organ systems, and whole organisms F.8.4 Investigate and explain that heredity is comprised of the characteristic traits found in genes within the cell of an organism F.8.5 Show how different structures both reproduce and pass on characteristics of their group

  27. Post-assessment • Survey • This survey will be very similar to the pre-assessment survey • It will emphasize student reflections on personal growth during the project.

  28. Serve with Passion to Ignite Creativity, Innovation, and Excellence