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Service Learning Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Service Learning Project

Service Learning Project

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Service Learning Project

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  1. Service Learning Project Giving back to the Community.

  2. Goodwill

  3. Goodwill • At Goodwill I was asked to sweep the floors, take out trash, and help put recently acquired items on display out on the floor. • Goodwill people were very understanding and fun to work with, they never raised their tone of voice and were more than willing to answer questions or provide assistance when needed.

  4. Goodwill • After walking into the back room at Goodwill, I was simply in awe of how much inventory they have. I never knew that everybody literally drops something off at goodwill. I am glad I went to Goodwill and assisted them with what looked like a mountain of unsorted inventory.

  5. Odum Library

  6. Odum Library • The Odum Library is quite possibly the largest source of knowledge available on campus. I personally spend my weekends there to gain knowledge simply to impress my mother during our long weekend conversations.

  7. Odum Library • At the Odum Library I helped organize the shelves, making it much easier for students to find the book necessary from them to study properly. I cleaned up the floors, and provided technical assistance by putting paper in the printers when they asked me to do so.

  8. Odum Library • Unfortunately, the Odum Library in an excellently maintained facility and honestly didn’t require much attention aside from a casual book left off the shelf by a student. Students are asked not to re-rack books, why? Because they knew students like myself need to find creative ways to give back to the community.

  9. What I learned from Community Service • I have done community service the past two semesters now, and several times before in the past, but this time was the by far the most meaningful. I was able to help out at goodwill, and help my fellow peers at Valdosta have a better and far easier time navigating their way through the Odum library. It feels go to help the community and not be selfish.

  10. By: Evan Day