leading change toward sustainability n.
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Leading Change Toward Sustainability

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Leading Change Toward Sustainability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leading Change Toward Sustainability. POLI 319 Class 16 Organizational Sustainability P. Brian Fisher. Keys to Org Sustainability.

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leading change toward sustainability

Leading Change Toward Sustainability

POLI 319

Class 16 Organizational Sustainability

P. Brian Fisher

keys to org sustainability
Keys to Org Sustainability
  • How do you transform your organization from top to bottom so that your vision of sustainability drives everyday decision-making and defines short and long-term success?
  • Vision and Leadership are key.
  • Vision: exemplary orgs are exceptionally clear about their purpose
  • Leadership: Effective leaders set the tone, defining their orgs with clarity of their vision, conviction and commitment.
  • Vision provides the goal; principles frame the path
7 key levers for change to sustainability
7 Key Levers for Change to Sustainability
  • Alter the thinking, assumptions, beliefs on org functioning
  • Alter the planning and decision-making (by getting people with different attributes and views involved)
  • Reorient the vision, goals and guiding principles of org
  • Restructure the strategies to achieve goals/mission
  • Shift the flow of info to service new sustainability-based vision, goals, and strategies
  • Improve the org’s capacity to learn
  • Embed new vision, goals and strategies in standard op procedure
3 key principles for successful sustainability org
3 Key Principles for Successful Sustainability Org
  • 1. Sufficient tension between a desired state and current conditions—constant striving for improvement
    • No tension, no change  basic systems thinking
  • 2. people involved in org must have “self-efficacy”  must believe they can successfully implement the changes to close the tension gap
    • Constant learning is the core element
  • 3. People must believe that the benefits of the new approach outweigh the downsides by at least 2 to 1.
    • Participants must see two upsides for every downside to the shift
focus on cities
Focus on Cities
  • 75% of world’s emissions are from cities
  • More power at municipal level
  • Can see across differences easier
  • Fewer political barriers
  • Enhances local
  • Need networked regional approach to be sustainable
  • Cities and Organizations are the key to transformation