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leading change

leading change. through collaboration. Co-Founder, Accelinnova President, Evolutionary Systems Director, Institute of Collaborative Leadership. Pollyanna PIXTON. collaboration model. collaboration process. leading collaboration. ‘ Old school ’ manages change

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leading change

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  1. leading change through collaboration

  2. Co-Founder, Accelinnova President, Evolutionary Systems Director, Institute of Collaborative Leadership Pollyanna PIXTON

  3. collaborationmodel collaboration process leadingcollaboration

  4. ‘Old school’ • manages change • knows the answers • bureaucratic • leader decides • authoritarian

  5. ‘New school’ embraces change fosters new ideas collaborates gives ownership influential

  6. theanswersare in yourorganization Leadership Challenges • Get More Done by Doing Less • Lead Change • Deliver the Right Product • Meet Customer’s Changing Needs • Meet Market Windows

  7. Project Management None of us are as smart as all of us. - Japanese Proverb How Do We Deliver?

  8. Leading Agile collaboration model • Collaboration Model • Collaboration Process

  9. Project Management • Quality Management create anopenenvironment

  10. fosters creativity and innovation, team commitment and ownership encourages ideas

  11. open environment right people

  12. bringthe right peopletogether from theentireenterprise customers marketing sales finance technology manufacturing stakeholders

  13. open environment right people fosterinnovation

  14. Trustworthiness stimulate creativity through collaboration process

  15. open environment right people fosterinnovation step back

  16. andlet them work

  17. open environment right people fosterinnovation step back

  18. Project Management collaborationprocess • Dependency Management

  19. agreetogoalsand objectives

  20. brainstorm

  21. group in silence

  22. prioritizebased on value

  23. Business Value Model Purpose Considerations Costs and Benefits

  24. individuals volunteer for what and by when

  25. leading collaboration

  26. Collaborative Leadership the Right People

  27. Passion Best Organizational Fit values

  28. Attract and retain: first on the basis ofintegrity second,motivation third,capacity fourth,understanding fifth,knowledge last and least,experience. - Dee Hock, CEO Emeritus VISA International

  29. authenticity attitude intelligence talent

  30. Project Management trust First ! • Risk Management

  31. Leadership Role Suspicion is a permanent condition. - Marcus Buckingham

  32. decisionsbyteams… where everpossible

  33. step aside, let them work

  34. leadershiptools

  35. stepback ? stepUP ?

  36. help discovera new view

  37. don’t give the answers

  38. or…… give them the solutions

  39. ask questions

  40. questions that helpteams discover solutions

  41. How can we avoid the temptation to rescue our teams? Ask Questions. What would you like me to do? How would you like to solve that problem? What would you like to do? how would you like to solve it?

  42. what would you like me to do?

  43. final words

  44. Leadership Role autocracy dampens people’s creativity and motivation - Ricardo Semler, The Seven-Day Weekend

  45. a placewhere peoplewantto be

  46. people have what they need to succeed

  47. People don’t resist change; they resist being changed. - Peter Scholtes

  48. Stand Back and Deliverco-author, published by Addison Wesley, due out in early 2009 The Seven-Day WeekendRicardo Semler Orbiting the Giant HairballGordon MacKenzie Punished By RewardsAlfie Kohn (chapter 10, page 181)

  49. accelinnova.com evolutionarysystems.net collaborativeleadership.com +1 . 801 . 209 . 0195 p2@ppixton.com Pollyanna PIXTON

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