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Leading Change

Leading Change

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Leading Change

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  1. Leading Change Supervisors Meeting Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo January 28, 2013

  2. Who Am I? Started as Deputy CAO one year ago One of the most interesting times of my career 28 years at RMWB - lots of changes/growth Privileged to work in high functioning, high pressured, high performing teams throughout my career in Emergency Services Big year ahead - Big Ideas, Big Plan

  3. Goals City Centre Redevelopment Municipal Corporate Utility (Zero Waste Initiative) Regional Recreation Corporation Shared Services Regional Structure Plan Transportation Authority UDSR (Land)

  4. Municipal Auditor CAO Deputy CAO Executive Director Public Infrastructure Services Executive Director Community Services/ Sustainable Development Executive Director Corporate Services Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer Council & Legislative Services Community Services EDSS Finance (including insurance services) Environment Communications Planning & Development Information Technology Engineering Supply Chain Management Advisory Services Public Operations (including facilities) Government Relations Aboriginal/Rural/Citizen Relations Assessment & Taxation Legal Public Affairs Land Administration Regional Emergency Services RCMP Support/Bylaw Services RCMP Detachment

  5. Leading Change No longer about telling people what to do Collaboration, transparency, sharing, empowerment Excellent customer service Employees can be our best ambassadors, if they are informed and empowered Need to ensure we have ... a sound structure ... the right people with right skills in right places at the right time Coming together is a beginning.Keeping together is progress.Working together is success. - Henry Ford

  6. Something to Think About People will always work to their highest level of perceived value You're never a failure until you start blaming others Silence is acceptance Anything you resist will persist When you do what's hard - life gets easier Vision without action is a dream; Action without vision is a nightmare Anger is your greatest tool for change Change is inevitable. We must continue to look at what is coming and build our organization to what is needed.

  7. We Need You to Become Leaders We have a strong team Talented, skilled people who can get the job done Need to focus on setting our priorities Empowering our teams to get the job done I know what great teams can do. And that is what I expect from you this year.

  8. Skills of Great Leaders Keep your vision and values in front. Create an environment that is safe for others to disagree with you. Their opinions/ideas may be better than yours. Cultivate a climate of truth tellers and rely on them. If you lie you die. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. They are not your minions. Honour your intuition. Delegate ... do not desert. A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. - Lao Tzu

  9. OUR VISION A balanced future with opportunity for all OUR MISSION To continually improve quality of life within our communities by acquiring resources to provide valued services OUR VALUES Our People Sharing Information Working Together Accountability Integrity Our desire is for Wood Buffalo to emerge as a global model for sustainable living in the north.

  10. Conclusion What type of leader are you? Experience has shown that it is in man’s nature to want to rule with unrighteous dominion at the first sign of authority. What can you do to improve/change? How will you help us achieve our vision/goals? How will you motivate and empower your team? Commitment to meet twice per year Evaluation/Response forms Thank You