Muzzicare band manila philippines 09065610988 09174400712
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Muzzicare Band Manila ,Philippines 09065610988/09174400712.

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Muzzicare band manila philippines 09065610988 09174400712
Muzzicare BandManila ,Philippines09065610988/09174400712

Muzzicare is a 6-piece highly energetic band whose music is tailored for all ages. The group is composed of 6 extra ordinary and experienced musicians. Striking a balance between musicality and style, the band’s performance always lives up to the spirit that every song brings to groove your souls.

Muzzicare started this year, putting all their efforts and hard work for bringing a new unique team player in the field of music industry. The band is composed of the rhythm section that has 4 experienced & professional male instrumentalists & 2 promising and talented female singers. The Band is being managed by an engineer but a music lover Engr. Paul John M. Trinidad, who strongly believes that this band will have a remarkable legacy in the music industry.

Muzzicareplays a variety of music that caters to all social classes from the lively music of 70’s, to the electrifying music of 80’s and up to the hot music of 90’s, including the top hits of the new millennium. Watch them as they perform live and be captivated by their music.


Elgie nieva janet villages tin tin vocalist
Elgie Nieva /Janet Villages/Tin TinVocalist

Tin as her bandmates call her has a big voice, She is a new recruit to complete the 7 pc band of Muzzicare. With her voice and emotions coming from the heart she can easily reach out to her audience with renditions of songs of Shakira, Pink , and Kat De Luna . A newbie in the music industry .

Lunthe charming girl, Also a newbie in the music industry has a sweet toned voice that can easily captivate your attention once she started to sing. She strongly believe that nothing is impossible if you keep your feet on the ground.

Janet is used to be called as Karen her nickname, A real beautiful inside and out as from her friends. She also had her first experience of singing abroad in UAE ,KOREA,MALAYSIA,CHINA with her former band. Karen is soulful performer on stage, a very unique voice; the audience will surely Be amaze and will never forget her performance.

Be captivated by their voice and performance.

Edwin daet lead guitarist
Edwin DaetLead Guitarist

Edwin is very hyper and energetic on and off the stage. Edwin started his career in the band scene during the 70’s and at very young age. He also loves to play rock music.

He already performed in countries such as JAPAN,SINGAPORE,UAE, BAHRAIN AND KOREA with his former group.

Also a graduate of engineering in Bicol University ,but because of his love for the music he choose to be a total band performer. He also loves to play rock music.

George m burgos band leader bassist
George M. BurgosBand Leader/Bassist

Music runs through his vein, His Grandmother is a classical Pianist. Born in Manila, Started as a rock band member and shift into a variety band player.

Jojo, as they used to call by his fellow musician is very thoughtful and kindhearted one. He has been a band leader of different group he has handled and has a wide experienced as amusician, and has a passion for his work.

He first Headed off to the land of the rising sun JAPAN in 1988 and also performed in BAHRAIN,INDONESIA,MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE and KOREA.

Nicomedes mike a villarosa keyboardist vocals

MIKE as we used to call him.

The MR HUMBLE MAN in the group. A Jolly person and always kills the boredom by his Funny Jokes. He is fun to be with and really a industrious one .He has been in the music industry for years ,Adding his musical ability completed the real set-up for the band. He is a very experienced professional musician already performed to different countries such as Hongkong, Japan, Vietnam,China and South Korea

Rolando magtalas drummer
Rolando MagtalasDrummer

Rollie, as his band used to call him, a very funny guy but when it comes to his profession ,he is passionate and very serious one. He gives 100% total performance every time on center stage.

Rollie , lives life practically and straight ,has already performed in countries such as SOUTH KOREA,MALAYSIA, THAILAND, CHINA and BAHRAIN with his former group.