African egyptian tattoos
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African & Egyptian Tattoos. Jason Crishon. Summary ( Egyptian Tattoos).

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Summary egyptian tattoos
Summary (Egyptian Tattoos)

Tattooing has a long history through all different cultures. About 6000 years ago 57 tattoos was found by Oetzi, the Tyrolean mummy also known as the “Iceman”. He’s frozen body was found well preserved in the Similaun Glacier of the Alps in 1991. According to the Journal of Archaeological Science, he’s tattoos were done with soot that contain glittering and colorful precious stone crystals. From my research I believe the tattoo’s was associated with acupuncture treatments for chronic ailments suffered by the Iceman. But however, the process of doing this tattoo they used some sharp objects, such as thorns, and dipped it into soot then pierced the skin or made scars and put the soot inside of the wound and let it heal so the color could stay there.

Summary west african tattoos scaring
Summary (West African Tattoos/Scaring)

In west Africa undergo scaring or cicatrisation as a form of tribal initiation and bravery. The scarring begins for males at puberty and leads to there adulthood. Scarification is done by lifting the skin a little, making a cut with a sharp tool such as a razor blade, thorn, or anything with a sharp edge, and sand or ash in rubbed into the cut to make the raised scar patterns on the body. For African women, scarification is most often associated with fertility. Scars are added at puberty, after the birth of the first child, or following the end of breastfeeding, highlight the bravery of women in enduring the pain of childbirth. Scars on other areas of the body such as hips and buttocks, accentuate the erotic and sensual aspects of the female body.

Pictures of oetzi the iceman
Pictures of Oetzi “The IceMan”

Pictures of west african tattoos scaring
Pictures Of West African Tattoos/Scaring

History of tattoos part1
History of tattoos (part1)

  • 3300B.C.-  Otzi’s skin bears 57 tattoos.

  • 2160B.C.-  Tattoos were common in ancient Egypt.

  • 1000B.C.-  The art of “henna” tattooing began to spread.  

  • 700B.C.-  Romans and Greeks would tattoo slaves.

  • 600B.C.-  Effect tattoos had on Christianity and Islam.

History of tattoos part2
History of tattoos (part2)

  • 300B.C.-  Tattoos in Japan have negative meaning.

  • 306B.C.-  Emperor Constantine ban tattoos due to Christianity.

  • 1600-  Tattoos as an art began to grow in Japan.

  • 1766-  James Cook makes reference to the word “tattoo”.

History of tattoos part3
History of tattoos (part3)

  • 1800-  Sailors and soldier popularize tattoos while an increase of tattoos popularize in Europe during the 19th century.

  • 1850-  Circus brings out tattoos.

  • 1668-  Modern Meji Japanese make tattoos illegal.

  • 1870-  First American tattoo shops opens and British tattoo artists opens a studio.

  • 1876- Link between tattoos and French prisoner is made.

  • 1891-  O’Reilly invents the first tattoo machine and become famous.

History of tattoos part4
History of tattoos (part4)

  • 1939-  Jews were branded with tattoos during the Holocaust.

  • 1945-  Japanese identify tattooing with the Yakuza Mafia.

  • 1950-  Hippie movement bears tattoos.

  • 1961-  New York outlawed tattoos after the Hepatitis outbreak.

  • 2006-  Oklahoma becomes last state to legalize tattoos.