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Welcome. Welcome to the first tutorial of this information system website!.

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Welcome to the first tutorial of this information system website!

This “General” tutorial is for everyone! The next tutorial is for church planters and the last tutorial is for those who coach/mentor or resource church planters. Hop off whenever you’d like. If you’d like to rush through the presentation, just click below. If you’d like to take your time, click here.

what we want to show you how to access
What we want to show you how to access…
  • A Bird’s Eye View of all the church planting in your area
  • Current prayer requests from church planters
  • People who resource church planters
  • All of our resources
  • We would love for you to catch a greater church planting vision
  • We want you to know how to pray more specifically for church planters
  • We want you to know how you can get more involved according to your gifting
  • We want you & your ministry to benefit from the resources we have discovered for church planters (Please help us discover even more of them too!)
hyperlinks on home page
Hyperlinks on Home Page

Here’s some basic information about this website:

To return to this website just use:



If you want to get back to this page, just click on “Home”.

If you’d like to visit the websites of any of our church planting partners, please click on the Web Sites tab.

select certain church starts
Select Certain Church Starts

To get a bird’s eye of all of the church planters in Bay Lakes Association, just move your cursor over “Church Planters,” then “Wisconsin” and click on Bay Lakes Association.

available info on a church planter
Available Info on a Church Planter

Here’s a list of church starts in Bay Lakes Association.

If you’d like to see more information about a specific church planter, just click on their names.

Let’s click on Tony Madden to find out more about him and his church start.

church planter s page
Church Planter’s Page
  • On the church planter’s page, you will be able to see:
  • who they are ministering to
  • (and on down the page)
  • at what stage they are in their church plant progress
  • how many people are involved in the church start
  • Click on the “Back” button at the top left-hand corner of your browser to return to the last page.
selecting various groups of church starts
Selecting various groups of church starts

To view the church planters of any or all of the associations, just select one of the options from the drop down menu.

If you need a map to find out where an association is located, you’ll find that on your home page.

Let’s click on “Home” to return to the information system’s home page.

locating facilitators of an association
Locating Facilitators of an Association

To see who are some of the church planting mentors and resource people in the Bay Lakes Association, just move your cursor over “Facilitators,”

and click on “Bay Lakes Association”.


These men & women will be able to help you get in on what God’s doing in the area of church planting and will help you get the training & resources that you may need.

Click “Home” to return to the home page.

locating prayer requests of an association
Locating Prayer Requests of an Association

Would you like to see what the church planters throughout the state would like for you to pray with them about? Just move your cursor over “Prayer Requests”

and click on “All”.

prayer requests
Prayer Requests

Let’s click on “Home” to return to the tracking system’s home page and let’s take a look at the Donation Bulletin Board.

locating the donation bulletin board
Locating the Donation Bulletin Board

Besides praying for church planters, there may be some items that you are aware of that could be donated to help church planters. Let’s click on the Donated Items to learn more about it.

donation bulletin board
Donation Bulletin Board

Let’s click on the first item on the bulletin board to see more information about it.

info on donated item
Info on Donated Item

Notice the name, phone number & email address of the contact person. Normally the donor will store the items until someone contacts them. Let’s click on “Back to Bulletin Board” to return to the bulletin board.

how to donate
How to Donate

Note that there could be more than one page to this bulletin board.

Let me show you how to post a donation or a need on the bulletin board. Click on “donate/ need”.

entering info on donated item
Entering Info on Donated Item

When you fill out a need or a donation, please be sure to list a password that you can remember so you can come back and edit or delete your need/donation.

Let’s scroll down to the bottom of the webpage.

submitting info on donated item
Submitting Info on Donated Item

Click on “submit” to add the new listing to the bulletin board. The system administrator will receive an email that a donation has been submitted. After he has approved it, it will be displayed on the bulletin board.

locating resource system
Locating Resource System

You have 24-7 access to growing number of resources for your church plant.

Just move your cursor over “Resources”

and then click on “All”.

resource system
Resource System

Imagine yourself looking into a file cabinet with file folders containing all kinds of information most church plants need sometime during their first few months.

Let’s click on the file folder marked “Accounting.”

viewing the contents of a file folder
Viewing the contents of a file folder

On the far left you see your partners in ministry and what resources they provide or are responsible for.

Next you see the various resources and a hyperlink that will take you directly to the resource.

If there’s someone that you should call, you have their phone number & email.

Let’s click on Hyperlink under IRS’s Tax Guide.

viewing the contents of a hyperlink
Viewing the contents of a hyperlink

If you have the free Acrobat Reader program on your computer, the document will download to your computer and you can read it and print it out if you’d like.

Let’s click on the “X” above to close the document and return to the Accounting folder.

searching filtering the resource system
Searching & Filtering the Resource System

Let me point out several other features:

You can type in a keyword

& click on “Search”

to quickly locate a resource.

If you’d like to see what resources we have in various languages, just select the language

and click “Search”.

Now let’s click on “Basic Training.”

determining who to contact
Determining who to contact

Let’s say after reading More Info on Basic Training,

you were interested in attending the next Basic Training event.

To find out when the next BT is scheduled, we’ll have to click on the Home button to return to the Home page.

available powerpoints
Available PowerPoints

If you’d like to learn more about how basic training fits into all of the other training components, please come back later and click on “The Church Multiplication System” PowerPoint.

You might also appreciate the “Why Start More Churches in the US?”

Let’s check out that “Training” tab.

locating training events
Locating Training Events

To view the various church planting training events that are scheduled around the state, just move your cursor over “Training”

and then click on “Training Events”.

viewing training events
Viewing Training Events

Looks like the next Basic Training is scheduled for June 2007.

If you’d like to register, and you’re not in the tracking system, click on the hyperlink.

adding your name to the tracking system
Adding your name to the tracking system

Let me suggest that you use your first initial of your first name and your full last name as your username. Go ahead pick whatever password you’d like and continue filling in as much information as possible.

Click to go to the bottom of this webpage.

submitting your info
Submitting your info

Don’t worry about filling in all of the fields.

When you get to the bottom of the page, just click on “Submit”.

Click on the “Home” button to then return to the home page.

locating potential sites
Locating Potential Sites

To view potential church start sites, just move your cursor over “Potential Sites”

and then click on “All” or select a particular association.

interested in partnering
Interested in Partnering

If you’d like to partner with one of the potential sites, click on the “Home” button and I’ll show you how to do that.

register to partner
Register to Partner

To register your interest in partnering with a potential site or a current church start, just click on “We Want to Partner.”

select your role partner
Select your Role & Partner

To register your interest in partnering, fill in your info in lines 1-6 and then select the role your church waits to play. Put your cursor over “View Definitions” if you have any questions about the various roles. Then select either a potential site, planter or church start to partner with.

partnership details
Partnership Details

Please express any details of your desired partnership in the Comment box and be sure to fill in line 14 before you click the “Submit” button.

the next tour
The next tour…

That’s it for the General tutorial.

Feel free to continue with the church planter tutorial or stop now.