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The World Trade Center Bombing!!!

THE. Controversial Times. CELEBRITY NEWS AND GOSSIP. WORLD EXCLUSIVES. The World Trade Center Bombing!!!.

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The World Trade Center Bombing!!!

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  1. THE Controversial Times CELEBRITY NEWS AND GOSSIP WORLD EXCLUSIVES The World Trade Center Bombing!!! Mahmud Abouhalima, he fled to Saudi Arabia and fled back to Egypt where he was captured by Egyptian police. He was handed back to the United State. 44Yrs old Mohammad A. Salameh was arrested By the FBI, having reported that his rental van was stolen. The undercover FBI officer traced than van for the used in the World Trade Center. The 52 yrs old abdul Rahman Yasin helped make the bombs and was never caught. Ahamad Ajajwas convicted of participating in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and was sentence to jail for 115 years and sent to the Marion Penitentiary, Illinois. In March 1994, four men was convicted of carring out of the bombing: they were Abouhalima, Ajaj, Ayyad and Salamen. Later on in Nov. 1997, Two more were convicted: Yousef, the mastermind,,and Eyad Ismoil the driver. The six people who were killed were Monica Smith, age 35, a secretary, who was seven months pregnant, Robert Kirkpatrick, age 61, a locksmith was eating lunch, Bill Macko, age 47, maintenance worker who was also eating lunch, Stephen Knapp, age 48, maintenance supervisor, was eating lunch , John DiGiovanni, age 45, a dental product saleman, was parking in the underground garage, Wifredo Mercado, age 37, Agent for Wndow on the World Restaurant, Was checking in deliveries. The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing occurred on Feb. 26,1993,when a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York,NY. The 1,336lb bomb was meant to knock the North Tower into the South Tower and killing thousands of people. It failed but did kill six people and injured more than a thousand. The attack was planned by a group of Conspirator named 44yrs old Ramzi Yousef, he was one of the main perpetrator of the 1993 World Trade Center and was arrested at a Guest house.

  2. Superman Accident NEWS HIV/AIDS What is HIV/AIDS? HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is like other viruses, but there is a difference. Your immune system can clear most viruses out of your body, but in this case, the human immune system just can't seem to get rid of it. AIDS stand for Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is the final stage of an HIV infection. Anyone in this stage of an HIV infection will have a badly damaged immune system. HIV and AIDS awareness began in 1981 when the United States became the first country to officially recognize a strange new illness among a small number of gay men. In 1991, American basketball player Earwin 'Magic' Johnson Jr. announced that he, too, was infected with the HIV virus. He took advice from his doctor to retire from professional basketball and he planned to educate young people about the disease he stated “I think sometimes we think, well, only gay people can get it-it's not going to happen to me. And here I am saying that it can happen to anybody, even me, Magic Johnson.” Ten years later AIDS has become the leading cause of death among American Men ages 25-24 yrs. Christopher Reeve, best known for his role as Superman, had a riding accident in Culpeper, VA, on Saturday. Reeve had been arriving the third of 18 jumps. The third bar was about 31/2 feet high. When the horse was approaching, it couldn’t find the right spot to make the jump. The horse abruptly stopped which caused Reeve to “rollup the horse’s neck and fall on his head on the other side of the jump.” Said Monk Reynolds. When he brutally fell down, he suffered fractures to the top two vertebrae, which is the most serious of cervical injuries, and also damage his spinal cords, said John A. Jane, the University of Virginia. There are seven Vertebrae in the neck, and any break in the first four, it will caused serious spinal cord injury and breathing problem. Spinal cords carries nerve traveling both from the brain to the rest of the body and from the body back to the brain. This injury causes Christopher Reeve to be paralyzing.

  3. 1994 FIFA WORLD CUP!!! NEWS Columbian defender Andres Escobar’s own goal against U.S.A. The 1994 FIFA World Cup, the 15th stage if the FIFA World Cup, was held in June 17 to July 17,1994. The United States was chosen as the host by FIFA on July 4, 1988. Brazil became the first national team to win four World Cup titles when they beat Italy 3-2 in a penalty shootout After the game ended 0-0. After extra-time, the first World Cup Final to be decided on penalties. The official match ball was the Adidas Questra. Nearly 69,000 attended, which broke records that had stood since the 1966 World Cup. The total attended was nearly 3.6 million for the final tournament. There was one player who had the worst tournament. The defender Andres Escobar scored an own goal which eliminated his team 2-1 against the United States. Escobar was shot dead outside a bar in a Medellin Suburb. The biggest surprise was Bulgaria. The Bulgarians had never won a match in five games. Hristo Stoichkov made a surprising run, which lead to win the match. Brazil's Romario scored six goals in the tournament and won the gold ball as the tournament's best player. 1994 World Cup Hristo Stoichkov made a surprising run


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