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  1. Definitions deity-A person or thing revered as a god or goddess. Olympian-Pertaining to Mount Olympus or dwelling thereon, as the Gods of Olympus. Attribute-Something used as a symbol of a particular person. Sphere of Influence-Any area in which one nation wields dominant power another. Provenance-Place or source of origin.

  2. Zeus • Greek Name- Zeus • Roman Name-Jupiter,Jove • Parentage-Kronos and Rhea • Sphere of Influence- The Sky • Attributes-stormy ,harsh eyes • Birthplace-The Diktaion cave • Favored Place-tall buildings and lightning struck places Amphora C5th B.C. This picture I feel shows Zeus’s power more than any other. This picture also features his symbol the eagle. I chose this picture because unlike the others it shows his symbol the eagle. This picture also shows his weapon of chose the lightning bolt.

  3. Zeus This picture shows his stormy, harsh nature. This picture also shows his control over lightning. I chose this picture because it is very popular and from one of the best selling “Percy Jackson and the Olympian” books. “Chiron’s Guide to who’s who in Greek Mythology”

  4. Hades • Greek Name- Hades • Roman Name-Pluto • Parentage-Kronos and Rhea • Sphere of Influence-The Underworld • Attributes-jet black hair, stern face • Birthplace-The Diktaion Cave • Favored Place-Cemataries and places of death. This picture gives Hades a more humanistic quality. It also depicts his favorite pet Cerberus, the three headed dog. I chose this picture because it was the only one to show Cerberus which I think helps describe him better.

  5. Hades This photo of Hades I think shows his evil side. It also really makes him look like the lord of the dead. I chose this picture not only because it looks really cool but when you think of Hades you think of this really evil looking dude and I think this picture really captures that.

  6. Poseidon • Greek Name- Poseidon • Roman Name-Neptune • Parentage-Kronos and Rhea • Sphere of Influence-The Ocean • Attributes-Black beard, tanned face • Birthplace- The Diktaion Cave • Favorite Place-Florida beaches Roman Mosaic C3rd A.D

  7. Poseidon “Chiron’s guide to who’s who in Greek mythology” I chose this picture because it was in a “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” which are the greatest Greek myth books of our time. This picture I think shows Poseidon’s calm but stern nature. It also shows his weapon, the Trident. This picture also looks cool.

  8. Hestia • Greek Name-Hestia • Roman Name-Vesta • Parentage-Kronos and Rhea • Sphere of Influence-Hearth and Home • Attributes- warm bright eyes • Birthplace-The Diktaion Cave • Favorite Place-happy homes Kylix C5th B.C. I think this picture of Hestia is portraying her friendly nature. I chose it because it looked like an authentic picture from ancient Greece. This picture I feel really shows her friendly almost charitable nature. This image is one of the most authentic picture I have found.

  9. Hestia This image I think shows her control over the hearth which is ,in a sense a campfire. I chose this picture because it isn’t just like a total stereo type of a God I think it gives her the feel of being a real person. I also think that this picture makes her look really cool. I also chose it because it was done by a little known artist.

  10. Hera • Greek Name- Hera • Roman Name-Juno • Parentage-Kronos and Rhea • Sphere of Influence-Women and Marriage • Attributes- • Birthplace-The Diktaion Cave • Favorite Place- C5th B.C. This photo of Hera shows her generosity because she’s holding out a bowl for someone. It also shows her sacred animal on the back of her chair, I believe it’s supposed to be a peacock. I chose this image because it looked like it was really made in the time the web site stated.

  11. Hera This photo shows her motherly characteristic. I chose this photo because it shows Hera’s two sacred animals the sow and the peacock. This picture also gives her a more natural look. This photo brings together all of the things that describe Hera.

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