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  1. Definitions • Aphorism: a short, concise statement expressing a wise or clever observation or general truth. Some contain rhymes or repeated words or sounds; others use parallel structure to present contrasting ideas. “No pain, no gain,” for instance, uses rhyme, repetition, and parallel structure(187). • Maxims: a short statement demonstrating a general truth or rule of conduct. • Proverb: very old. Many purposes – to make a point, teach a lesson, educate, shame, amuse. Used in Bible so some of the earliest writing contained proverbs. “Expressions of basic principles of folk wisdom drawn from daily experiences of a group of people, proverbs exist in all societies”(186). Reflect unchanging truths about human nature.

  2. Sayings • From page 187 You see sayings (like these) on bumper stickers, T-shirts, and billboards. Though such snippets of pop-wisdom are more likely to originate in entertainment media than an almanac, they mirror modern social values, just as Franklin’s aphorisms reflect the values of colonial America

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