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IMPLEMENTING OPENNESS : An international institutional perspective Session: The Ecology and Design of “Open” Andrew Wyckoff Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 29 January 2007. Definitions.

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  1. IMPLEMENTING OPENNESS:An international institutional perspectiveSession: The Ecology and Design of “Open”Andrew WyckoffOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development29 January 2007

  2. Definitions • Cyberinfrastructure: “….is the essential IT infrastructure needed for the US [countries] to prosper in a global knowledge economy.” • Arden Bement, NSF Director • Openness: “without obstructions to passage or view” • Bureaucracy: “Administration through bureaus or departments staffed with nonelected officials”

  3. My Desk

  4. I) Communications Infrastructure

  5. Openness and competition: Fixed-telephony Source: OECD Communications Outlook 2005

  6. Institutionalising Openness through a monitoring publication:The Communications Outlook

  7. The Evolution of Communications Access (Access paths for theOECD area (1997-2005)

  8. Price of “always on” Internet access (per kilobit / second, USD, US incumbent operator)

  9. Cyber-infrastructure for the Massesbroadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants, June 2006

  10. WSJ KM Benchmarking

  11. Facilitating Openness Sewers in Paris http://www.sewerhistory.org/images/w/wef/wefb/wefb05.jpg

  12. II) Access and (re)-use of public sector information (PSI)

  13. Examples of products based on PSI

  14. Commercial Meteorology in the US and Europe, 2005 Sources: Commercial Weather Services Association (1) and Meteoconsult (2)

  15. III)Access to digital research data

  16. Digital access to publicly funded research data • Mandate from 2004 OECD Ministerial Declaration • Formation of an expert group to address: • the scope, issues of proprietary data and security, funding issues • Approval of Recommendation by OECD Council in Dec. 2006 and On-going monitoring

  17. Implementing Openness: Some Lessons for creating an ecology • Break the issue down into clearly identifiable, components that correspond to policies; • Identify best practice; • Demonstrate economic value of openness; • Develop definitions and metrics; • Institutionalise the metrics; • Benchmark and identify the good students; • Remain dynamic

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