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WWII on the Homefront PowerPoint Presentation
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WWII on the Homefront

WWII on the Homefront

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WWII on the Homefront

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  1. WWII on the Homefront • Ms. DePalo • Mr. Hempfling • Patrick Osborne

  2. Do-Now: • Go LAN school channel 145. • Define the word emigrate

  3. Activity • Journal entries on WWII families.

  4. Directions • You will be chose a family to research (Jackson, Perez, Swanson, Ogawa, Blech) • You will fill out the family slide for the family you have chosen: Family name, family members, background information (this includes when the family came here and an explanation of their situation.) • You will select a fate and write it down on the fate slide. • You will pick one member of the family and identify the person you have selected on the fate slide. • You will write a paragraph responding to the fate, pretending you are the person you have selected on the journal slide.

  5. Family Slide • Family name: Swanson • Family members: Mr. Swanson Age-62 Mrs. Swanson Age-63 Emily Swanson Age-30 Michael Swanson Age-24 • Background information: • Occupation: runs radio station • Location: Galesburg, IL

  6. Fate Slide • Fate you have chosen: You hear that Michael is flying over Normandy, France. With the intense fighting there, your concern for his safety mounts. • Family member you have chosen to be: Mr. Swanson

  7. Journal Slide Text Mr. Swanson: Time: 0530 Hi i’m Mr. Swanson I live with my wife and have two kids Emily and Michael who are grown up. We got a call yesterday that Michael was taking of for his flight. After an hour or so they call back saying that Michele was about to fly over Normandy, France. We were devastated to here this because I had just announced over the radio that this aria was a war zone now. My wife is just hugging a pillow hoping that he makes a safe landing me on the other hand I was just hoping please don’t die so you can come home instead of a folded flag.