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Creating Your PowerPoint Presentation

Creating Your PowerPoint Presentation. Purpose of the Assignment.

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Creating Your PowerPoint Presentation

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  1. Creating Your PowerPoint Presentation

  2. Purpose of the Assignment • In order to share the outcomes of our projects with the class, each team will prepare and deliver a ten minute talk at the end of the semester. Your goal is to summarize the entire project – problem, methodology, findings & results, conclusions & recommendations -- into a 10-minute presentation.

  3. Composing Process The team can create the entire presentation during a class in the computer room, or you can delegate specific slides to individual team members. All members must participate in the creation and the presentation of the PowerPoint!

  4. The Rhetorical Situation • What is your purpose for giving this presentation? • Who is your audience? • What do they already know about this problem? • What do they need to know to understand your research project?

  5. What to Cover • Define the problem you investigated & explain its significance • Describe the local situation • Explain the methods used to gather information • Summarize the findings from both the primary and the secondary research • Present your recommendations • Address questions from the audience

  6. You may use any of the following during your talk: • The chalkboard • Handouts • Transparencies + overhead projector • Posters displaying data visually

  7. Anticipate level of audience’s background knowledge of the topic Introduce the topic well to arouse audience interest Limit the talk to main points and findings Arrange points logically and made connections among them Use parallel phrasing on your slides Use a consistent design for your slides Avoid clichés, slang, and jargon Maintain eye contact with audience Design clear, easy-to-read slides Time the transitions between slides effectively Run close to allotted time of 10 minutes Criteria for Evaluation -- I will observe how well you:

  8. Grading Procedures • The effectiveness of the presentation will be one of the project components evaluated as part of the final project folder.

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