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Lewis & Clark Expedition PowerPoint Presentation
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Lewis & Clark Expedition

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Lewis & Clark Expedition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lewis & Clark Expedition. Emerson Pereira. Louisiana Purchase.

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Lewis & Clark Expedition

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    louisiana purchase
    Louisiana Purchase
    • The Louisiana Purchase was one of the largest real estate deals in history. The United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France at a price of $15 million, or approximately four cents an acre. The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States and opened North America to the westward expansion.
    lewis clark
    Lewis & Clark

    Lewis was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, August 18, 1774. He served in the army and died October 11,1809.

    Clark was born in Carolina County, Virginia August 1, 1770. He served in the army and died September 1, 1838.

    goals of the expedition
    Goals of the Expedition

    Lewis and Clark started in St. Louis, Missouri and traveled up the Missouri River. They crossed the Rocky Mountains. They traveled down the Columbia River to the Pacific Ocean. They had several goals including: studying the area’s plants, animal life and geography.


    Lewis and Clark had to bring supplies for survival and to trade with the Native Americans, such as:


    Food and water

    Gun slings


    And other supplies.

    route of exploration
    Route of Exploration

    They started off in St Louis, Missouri and headed west. They followed the Missouri River and crossed the Rocky Mountains and into the Pacific Northwest. They ended up at the Pacific Ocean and set up a fort named Fort Clatsop.

    • Sacagawea was a Native American woman living in Idaho where Lewis and Clark stopped for the winter. She was pregnant and delivered her baby 2 months before they left and brought the baby on their travels.
    • Lewis and Clark hired her to be their interpreter and guide for the rest of the expedition. She proved to be very helpful in many ways including whenever they encountered a Native American tribe they were perceived as friendly because she was with them.
    new discoveries plants animals
    New Discoveries: Plants & Animals
    • Lewis and Clark discovered many new plants and animals. Among these were the Grizzly bear and the Black-tailed prairie dog. Some plants they discovered were the Buffaloberry and the Fringed sagebrush.
    events and adventures
    Events and Adventures
    • At the end of August in 1804, Lewis and Clark had to get some help from the Native American tribes to go through the Rocky Mountains. When they were with one of the Sioux tribes, one of their horses went missing and they thought maybe the Sioux took the horse. They got close to fighting with the Sioux, but they eventually backed down and continued on their expedition.
    events and adventures1
    Events and Adventures
    • By July 1806, they were heading back home. When they got to the Continental Divide, they split up because Lewis wanted to explore a river. In Lewis’s group of four, they encountered Native Americans from the Blackfeet tribe, who tried to steal their weapons in the night. 2 of the Blackfeet were killed, and Lewis’s team ran more than 100 miles in one day before camping again.
    events and adventures2
    Events and Adventures
    • Meanwhile, Clark’s team were in the territory of the Crow tribe. During the night, half of the team’s horses disappeared, but they found hide nor hair of the Crow tribe. They reunited with Lewis’s team on August 11. One of Clark’s men thought Lewis was an elk at first, and shot him in the thigh, but he lived. They arrived back in St. Louis on September 23, 1806.
    • The Lewis and Clark expedition was important because they were the first people to map out the whole Pacific Northwest. They discovered many new plant and animal species not previously known to Europeans and Americans. Lewis and Clark’s expedition was very important.