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Lewis Hine

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Lewis Hine

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  1. Wisconsin-born photographer, photojournalist, and social reformer Lewis Hine (1874 – 1940)

  2. Featuring the original photo captions by Lewis W. Hine

  3. Faces of Lost Youth Furman Owens, 12 years old. Can't read. Doesn't know his A,B,C's. Said, "Yes I want to learn but can't when I work all the time." Been in the mills 4 years, 3 years in the Olympia Mill. Columbia, S.C.

  4. Adolescent girls from Bibb Mfg. Co. in Macon, Georgia.

  5. Doffer boys. Macon, Georgia.

  6. The Mills A general view of spinning room, Cornell Mill. Fall River, Mass.

  7. A moments glimpse of the outer world. Said she was 11 years old. Been working over a year. Rhodes Mfg. Co. Lincolnton, N.C.

  8. Some boys and girls were so small they had to climb up on to the spinning frame to mend broken threads and to put back the empty bobbins. Bibb Mill No. 1. Macon, Ga.

  9. Newsies A small newsie downtown on a Saturday afternoon. St. Louis, Mo.

  10. A group of newsies selling on Capitol steps. Tony, age 8, Dan, 9, Joseph, 10, and John, age 11. Washington, D.C.

  11. Michael McNelis, age 8, a newsboy [with photographer Hine]. This boy has just recovered from his second attack of pneumonia. Was found selling papers in a big rain storm. Philadelphia, Pa.

  12. Francis Lance, 5 years old, 41 inches high. He jumps on and off moving trolley cars at the risk of his life. St. Louis, Mo.

  13. Miners At the close of day. Waiting for the cage to go up. The cage is entirely open on two sides and not very well protected on the other two, and is usually crowded like this. The small boy in front is Jo Puma. S. Pittston, Pa.

  14. A young driver in the Brown mine. Has been driving one year. Works 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily. Brown W. Va.

  15. Breaker boys. Smallest is Angelo Ross. Pittston, Pa.

  16. The Factory View of the Scotland Mills, showing boys who work in mill. Laurinburg, N.C.

  17. 9 p.m. in an Indiana Glass Works.

  18. Some of the young knitters in London Hosiery Mills. London, Tenn.

  19. Young cigar makers in Engelhardt & Co. Three boys looked under 14. Labor leaders told me in busy times many small boys and girls were employed. Youngsters all smoke.

  20. Boys in the packing room at the Brown Mfg. Co. Evansville, Ind.

  21. Seafood Workers Hiram Pulk, age 9, working in a canning company. "I ain't very fast only about 5 boxes a day. They pay about 5 cents a box," he said. Eastport, Me.

  22. Oyster shuckers working in a canning factory. All but the very smallest babies work. Began work at 3:30 a.m. and expected to work until 5 p.m. The little girl in the center was working. Her mother said she is "a real help to me." Dunbar, La.

  23. Johnnie, a nine year old oyster shucker. Man with pipe behind him is a padrone who has brought these people from Baltimore for four years. He is the boss of the shucking shed. Dunbar, La.

  24. Manuel the young shrimp picker, age 5, and a mountain of child labor oyster shells behind him. He worked last year. Understands not a word of English. Biloxi, Miss.

  25. Cutting fish in a sardine cannery. Large sharp knives are used with a cutting and sometimes chopping motion. The slippery floors and benches and careless bumping into each other increase the liability of accidents. "The salt water gits into the cuts and they ache," said one boy. Eastport, Me.

  26. Fruit Pickers A berry field on Rock Creek. Whites and blacks, old and young, work here from 4:30 a.m. to sunset some days. A long hot day. Rock Creek, Md.

  27. Camille Carmo, age 7, and Justine, age 9. The older girl picks about 4 pails a day. Rochester, Mass.

  28. Little Salesmen A young candy seller in Boston, Mass.

  29. After 9 p.m., 7 year old Tommie Nooman demonstrating the advantages of the Ideal Necktie Form in a store window on Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington, D.C. His father said, "He is the youngest demonstrator in America. Has been doing it for several years from San Francisco, to New York. We stay a month or six weeks in a place. He works at it off and on." Remarks from the by-standers were not having the best effect on Tommie.

  30. Joseph Severio, peanut vender, age 11 [seen with photographer Hine]. Been pushing a cart 2 years. Out after midnight on May 21, 1910. Ordinarily works 6 hours per day. Works of his own volution. All earnings go to his father. Wilmington, Del.

  31. Struggling Families Mrs. Battaglia with Tessie, age 12, and Tony, age 7. Mrs. Battaglia works in a garment shop except on Saturdays, when the children sew with her at home. Get 2 or 3 cents a pair finishing men's pants. Said they earn $1 to $1.50 on Saturday. Father disabled and can earn very little. New York City.

  32. Jacob Riis (1849 - 1914) Danish-American photographer, journalist, and social reformer

  33. Jacob RiisHow the Other Half Lives: Studies Among the Tenements of New York(Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1890) “Long ago it was said that 'one half of the world does not know how the other half lives.' That was true then. It did not know because it did not care. The half that was on top cared little for the struggles, and less for the fate, of those who were underneath, so long as it was able to hold them there and keep its own seat.“ ~ from Riis’s Introduction

  34. Mulberry Bend, New York

  35. Bandit's Roost

  36. Dens of Death

  37. A Seven-Cent Lodging House, Pell Street

  38. Mulberry Street Police Station, Waiting for the Lodging to Open 1892

  39. One of four pedlars who slept in the cellar of 11 Ludlow Street

  40. Ready for Sabbath Eve in a Coal Cellar

  41. Five Cents Lodging, Bayard Street 1889

  42. In Poverty Gap, an English Coal-Heaver's Home

  43. In a Sweat Shop

  44. It Costs a Dollar a Month to Sleep in These Sheds

  45. Women's Lodging Room in the West 47th Street Station - 1892

  46. Playground in Poverty Gap

  47. Children Sleeping on Mulberry Street