ch 10 the kingdom of kush n.
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Ch 10 The Kingdom of Kush

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Ch 10 The Kingdom of Kush - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ch 10 The Kingdom of Kush. Introduction The Egyptianization of Kush Kush Conquers Egypt The Kush Capital of Meroe Kush Returns to Its African Roots Summary. Introduction. 2000 BCE - 350 CE Relationship between Egypt and Kush Some pictures show Kushites bearing gifts

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ch 10 the kingdom of kush
Ch 10 The Kingdom of Kush
  • Introduction
  • The Egyptianization of Kush
  • Kush Conquers Egypt
  • The Kush Capital of Meroe
  • Kush Returns to Its African Roots
  • Summary
  • 2000 BCE - 350 CE
  • Relationship between Egypt and Kush
    • Some pictures show Kushites bearing gifts
    • Some pictures show Kushites armed with bows and arrows
the egyptianization of kush
The Egyptianization of Kush
  • Greatest ancient civilization in Africa, next to Egypt
  • Grew up around Nile River
  • Known for rich gold mines
  • Also called Nubia
  • nub - Egyptian word for gold
  • Center of Trade
    • Linked central and southern Africa to Egypt
    • Egyptians traded grain beer and linen
    • Kush traded gold, ivory, leather, and timber
    • Slaves were also bought
the egyptianization of kush1
The Egyptianization of Kush
  • Egypt's Control
    • During New Kingdom, 1600 - 1100 BCE, Egypt conquered Kush
    • Kush paid tribute to Egypt in the form of gifts
    • Kushites gave gold, cattle, ivory ebony, ostrich feathers, and slaves
    • Kush society became "Egyptianized"
      • Kushites spoke and wrote in Egyptian
      • Worshiped Egyptian gods and wore Egyptian-style clothing
      • Kush's archers hired to fight in Egypt's army
      • Princes from Kush's royal families were educated in Egypt
      • Continued to follow Egyptian traditions after regaining independence
      • 1100 BCE New Kingdom collapsed and Kush regained its independence. About 900 BCE a new line of Kush kings was established.
kush conquers egypt
Kush Conquers Egypt
  • Opportunity
    • Egypt fell into political chaos when New Kingdom collapsed
    • 10 Egyptian kingdoms fought each other for power
  • Conquest
    • Mid-700's BCE Kush invaded Egypt
    • Egypt surrendered to Kush's King Piye around 730 BCE
  • Result
    • Piye declared himself pharaoh
      • Assumed title of "Uniter of the Two Lands"
      • Established the 25th dynasty in Egypt
      • Wanted to revive Egypt's past glory
        • Built new temples and pyramids
          • Built temple at Jebel Barkal
            • modeled after the temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel
      • Eventually, threatened by the expanding Assyrian Empire
        • 671 BCE Assyrian King invaded Egypt
        • Assyrians used iron weapons to drive Kushites out of Egypt
        • By 650's BCE the last of the Kushite pharaohs returned to Kush
    • Kingdom of Kush now extended 1500 miles from Meroe to the Meiterranean
the kush capital of meroe
The Kush Capital of Meroe
  • Napata Destroyed
    • 590 BCE Egypt invaded Kush and destroyed its capital
  • Meroe becomes new capital
    • Location
      • 300 miles south of Napata
      • Important center of trade
      • Trade developed between African kingdoms, Arabia, Rome, India, and maybe China
      • Connected overland routes with Nile and Red Sea
    • Center of Kushite civilization
      • Lasted almost 1,000 years
      • Thrived as a center of industry as well as culture
      • known for producing iron
        • Learned about iron from their defeat by the Assyrians
        • Meroe had everything needed to make iron
          • iron deposits, forest for charcoal
          • Made weapons like spears arrows, and swords
          • Created tools for farming like axes and hoes
kush returns to its african roots
Kush Returns to Its African Roots
  • Art and Architecture
    • Artisans made beautiful pottery, cloth, and gold and silver jewelry
    • Rulers built grand palaces, temples, and pyramids
  • Religion
    • worshiped an African lion-god
  • Language
    • wrote and spoke a native language called Meroitic
  • Leadership
    • Revived the African practice of female leadership
      • Kandakes, queen mothers, ruled Meroe
      • Co-ruled with sons or husbands
      • Considered goddesses and very powerful
    • Queen Amanirenas
      • Defended Kush agains Romans in 24 BCE
      • Rome signed a peace treaty with Kush
  • Fall
    • 350 CE Kush fell to invaders from Ethiopia
  • Kush and Egypt had close ties
  • Each country invaded and conquered the other
  • Kushite pharoahs ruled Egypt for nearly a century
  • Upon withdrawing from Egypt Kush returned to its African roots