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Chapte r 10: The kingdom of kush PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapte r 10: The kingdom of kush

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Chapte r 10: The kingdom of kush - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapte r 10: The kingdom of kush. Kingdom of kush. Civilization thrived from 2000 B.C.E – 350 C.E. History of long ties to Egypt. Paintings of pictures in tombs prove their link . Famous pictures of Hatshepsut: first female pharaoh of Egypt. Egypt and kush.

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Chapter 10:

The kingdom of kush


Kingdom of kush

  • Civilization thrived from 2000 B.C.E – 350 C.E.
  • History of long ties to Egypt
  • Paintings of pictures in tombs prove their link
  • Famous pictures of Hatshepsut: first female pharaoh of Egypt

Egypt and kush

  • Had a complicated relationship
  • Both influenced each other
  • Kush also named “Nubia”- Egyptian word nub

The egyptianization of kush

  • Besides Egypt, greatest African civilization
  • Surrounded the Nile river and had rich gold mines
  • Kush had prime location and resources
  • Linked Egypt to central & southern Africa

Egyptianization cont.

  • Egyptians traded- grain, beer, & linen for Kush’s gold, ivory, leather, & timber, bought slaves
  • Egypt often raided Kush gaining territory
  • New Kingdom Period- 1600- 1100 B.C.E.
  • Egypt Conquered Kush- had to give them gifts

Egyptianization cont.

  • Pharaoh appointed governor to make sure gifts were given
  • Gold, cattle, ivory, ebony, ostrich feathers, and slaves
  • Kushites had to speak & write in Egyptian
  • Had to worship Egyptian gods and wear their clothing

How would this make you feel?

  • What if you had no freedom to choose your clothing, religion, or language?
  • Would this bother you?

Egyptianization cont.

  • Kush’s famed “archers” hired to fight in Egyptian Army
  • Princes from Kush, sent to Egypt to be educated
  • 1100 B.C.E. New Kingdom collapsed
  • Kush gained independence but Egyptian culture still thrived

Kingdom of kush

  • Egypt fell into political chaos
  • About 10 Egyptian Kingdoms fought each other for power, became weak
  • Mid 700’s Kush invaded Egypt
  • Egyptian Kings surrender to Kush King, Piye

King piye

  • “Uniter of two lands”
  • Kush extended 1,500 miles
  • Became the 25th dynasty
  • -Family or group that rules for several years
  • Wanted to revive Egypt’s past glory

Assyrians take over

  • Tried to fight off Assyrians for many years but failed
  • By 650’s B.C.E. all Kush Kings returned to Kush
  • Advanced iron weapons

Egypt & kush…again!

  • Egypt invades and destroys Kush’s capital city: Napata
  • Kush changed capital to Meroe, 300 miles south of Napta
  • Meroe boosted already good trade for Kush

Meroe & iron

  • Great, large, wealthy city
  • Rich in iron deposits
  • Plenty of forests, needed wood to make coal
  • Charcoal used to heat the iron deposits
  • Spears, arrows, swords, and axes for farming

Kush returns to African roots

  • Artwork, clothing, building no longer looked Egyptian
  • Worshiped African-lion god
  • Wrote & spoke in native language: Meroitic
  • Artisans made pottery, cloth, gold and silver jewelry

African roots

  • Revived African practice of female leadership
  • Kandakes- powerful female ruler, co ruled with son or husband
  • Very famous Queen Amanirenas- fought of Rome
  • After 3 years, signed a Peace Treaty

Kush falls

  • After defeating Rome, Kush thrived for about 400 more years
  • Around 350 C.E. Kush fell to Ethiopia