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Spain. Andy Wallace. Country Information.

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Andy Wallace

Country information
Country Information

  • The History of Spain dates back to the emergence of man in Europe. Throughout its history, Spain has remained a political and economic powerhouse. It currently has a population of 47 million. Due to its history as part of the Roman Empire, the predominant religion of Spain is Roman Catholic. However there is a large Muslim population on the Mediterranean coast

    Spain is located on the western edge of


Other information
Other Information

  • Spain’s current flag only dates back to the 1970’s. It is rumored that its yellow and red coloring is derived from the bull arena, red being the blood of the bull, yellow, the sand of the arena. The royal seal of Spain appears on the flag and it is framed by the pillars of Hercules.

  • Spain adopted the use of the Euro upon its arrival into the European union in 1986. One Euro currently equals approximately $1.32 US dollars

Things to know before traveling
Things to Know Before Traveling

  • A US citizen can spend up to 90 days in Spain without the need of a Visa

  • There is a threat of crime and terrorism when visiting Spain

  • When visiting the more populated and urban areas of Spain, there is a high risk of pickpockets

A few words
A Few Words

  • Hello………Hola

  • Goodbye....Adios

  • Thank You….Gracias

  • Where is the Bathroom…….Dondeesta el bano?

  • I don’t know……No se

Making appointments
Making Appointments

  • Office hours in Spain are generally from 9:00 AM to 1:30 - 2:00 PM

  • It is common to discuss business over a meal. However it should be noted that most Spaniards regard meals as highly social occasions, so make it clear that you desire to discuss business

Business dress
Business Dress

  • Spaniards are extremely dress-conscious

  • Men should be dressed wearing top quality clothing

  • Women should dress modestly to not draw attention to their femininity

  • For casual wear, shorts are not really acceptable in public areas

Topics of conversation
Topics of Conversation

Good Content

  • Your home country

  • Spanish traditions

  • Soccer

  • Bullfighting

  • Politics

  • Family

  • Spanish Wines

Bad Content

  • Religion

  • The Civil War and WWII

  • Basque separatism

  • Catalan regionalism

  • Machismo and feminism

  • Enquiries of personal nature

Addressing others
Addressing Others

  • First names are reserved for family and close friends

  • Use proper titles (Senor, Senora, Senorita, professor, etc.)

  • Use “Usted” instead of “tu” when addressing a counterpart

  • Many younger Spaniards disregard these rules

Acceptable behavior
Acceptable Behavior

  • Spaniards are never in a hurry

  • Many Spaniards are heavy smokers, so expect colleagues to smoke

  • First introductions are very formal

  • During conversation, it is not uncommon for a Spaniard to stand uncomfortably close to you or pat you on the back or shoulder

Gift giving
Gift Giving

  • In Spain, give gifts of food and drink

  • If given a gift, open it immediately and in front of the giver

  • If invited to a Spanish home, bring chocolate or other deserts/pastries

  • Never give anything too extravagant, as it may be seen as a bribe


  • Business cards should be English on one side, Spanish on the other

  • Take plenty of literature

  • Personal contacts and relationships are crucial

  • Hierarchy plays a huge role in Spanish culture


  • Breakfast meetings are not popular in Spain

  • The person who extends the invitation pays the bill

  • Don’t start talking business until the Spaniards do

  • The later in the night, the better and more social


  • Tapas are what to eat in Spain. They’re basically appetizers

  • Paella is a really popular rice dish

  • Spanish Omelets are extremely popular as tapas and as main courses

  • Seafood is very popular

Comparing to the us
Comparing to the US

  • Spain is very laid back

  • Manners and proper etiquette are important in Spain, Spaniards are very formal

  • Spaniards are very welcoming to foreigners

  • There is a noticeable hierarchy in Spain

  • Spaniards are very sensitive about their religion