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  1. SPAIN What do Czechs think about Spain?

  2. ¡Buenos días! We are from theCzech Republic and we‘ll try to tell you what we think about Spain. It‘s a great way how to introduce our country and people living here and their views on Spain. When you say „Spain“ we think of three things: • hot weather • FC Barcelona • delicious food. But there‘s more of it...

  3. FC Barcelona We think football is a typical thing for Spain and the Czechs as well. Is there anybody who doesn´t know Jan Koller, Tomáš Rosický or Pavel Nedvěd? And what about Lionel Messi, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho?

  4. FC Barcelona Regal Known as FC Barcelona Regalis a Spanish professional basketball club. This club was established in 1926 and it is the oldest club in ACB league. It is the second most successful Spanish club (the first was Real Madrid). In our opinion the most famous B-ball player from Spain is Pau Gasol, who plays for LA Lakers in NBA.

  5. What do Spanish eat? • Gazpacho: For Czechs it´s a cold vegetable puree, but for Spanish it´s something like a soup. Czech eat always warm soups. For a big group of Czech people it wouldn´t be their favourite food.

  6. Paella • Paella is a typical Spanish food prepared from rice and saffron existing in many forms, depending on where we are in Spain. We can have paella with vegetables or seafood and so on. It is something similar to the Czech „rizoto“.

  7. Tapas • Tapas is a little snack when drinking beer or wine. It is a favourite delicacy in Spain and we can find it in every bar. It can be olives, grilled vegetables, seafood, sausages and so on.

  8. What do the Spanish drink? • Sangria: Favourite drink for the Czechs visiting Spain, we really like it... • Beer: Favourite drink for the foreigners visiting the Czech Republic, they really like it. We can try good beer in Spain too.

  9. Spanish different lifestyle • Siesta – due to hot climate. Spanish stop working in the middle of a day so when tourist come to Spain in summer, they are often surprised because shops are closed in the afternoon. • Night life : Dinner in Spain is served much later than here, we eat it at about 6 or 7 p.m. but in Spain they even have it at 10.

  10. The incredible architect Gaudí • Sagrada familia: The most famous cathedral in Spain. It still isn´t finished. The height of St. Vitus catherdal in Prague is about two times smaller.

  11. Metro in the capital cities • Madrid metro • Prague metro

  12. Corrida de toros • One of the symbols of Spain is bullfighting. It‘s a tradition to be held during holidays. It is a fight between a bull called toro and a fighter called torero. For Czech people it isn‘t fun and we think it‘s a terrible kind of tradition.

  13. Mañana • Czech people consider Spanish people to be more relaxed and a little unreliable, because they do not hurry and take their time to do things. One Czech proverb says:“What you can do now, don‘t do it later!“ and we try to follow that rule, but in Spain it is complete opposite!