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AlloCine Network European Movie Sites. Spain. Overview of the European movie market Why Internet is a must for distributors ? AlloCine accross Europe AlloCine Network Spanish ad campaign French ad campaign UK ad campaign. Spain. Overview of the European Movie Market. Admissions 2007.

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Presentation Transcript

Overview of the European movie market

Why Internet is a must for distributors ?

AlloCine accross Europe

AlloCine Network

Spanish ad campaign

French ad campaign

UK ad campaign



Overview of the European Movie Market

Admissions 2007

Europe919 million admissionsEuropean Movie Market Share 28.8%


Source : European Audiovisual Observatory


Why Internet is a must for distributors?

Internet population in Europe (Source: Internet World Stats)

  • France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy
      • 190 million Internet users (total in Europe: 384 million)
      • Entertainment audience represents 74% of the Internet audience
      • Entertainement is Movies, TV, Music and Games

Advantages of using the Internet:

  • Promote the films
      • Create buzz from production to theater release
      • Reach your public with a range of different marketing tools
      • Direct Marketing (alerts, newsletters…)
      • Display film content on multiple media channels
  • Advertise on cinema websites
  • Low CPM compared to other media
  • Customised advertising formats
  • 100% cinema targeted audience
  • Choice of specific targets (regional, ages…)
  • Extensive analysis of campaign impact (ROI)

Focus on the “Entertainment-Movie” category

The Entertainment-Movie category includes movie and cinema chains sites as well as portal movie sections.

The Top 5*

France UK Germany Spain Italy

AlloCine Imdb Imdb Cinetube MediasetPremiere Odeon & UCI Cinestar Y! Movies Rai

Internaute Movies Cineworld Filmstarts Filmaffinity MymoviesImdb MyVue Cinemaxx Imdb MSN Movies

CityVox Y! Movies Moviemaze HoyCinema Y! Movies* Analysis from ComScore and NetRatings - Sept-2008 / Video platforms like Youtube and Dailymotion are excluded


AlloCine across Europe

AlloCine in France

  • For over 10 years, AlloCine’s objective has been to give Internetusers the best information regarding movies, DVDs and TVSeries, no matter what they’re looking for. This commitment has
  • allowed AlloCine to work with all distributors (major & independent).
  • For distributors, AlloCine means:
    • Exhaustive, powerful, professional
    • Equal editorial attention to major and independent films
    • Tailored-made advertising campaigns

The European Network

  • With its sucess in France, AlloCine quite naturally began to develop a European Network of movie sites, supported by partner distributors.We accepted the challenge to adapt our editorial, marketing and sales know-how to each country’s specifications.
  • This Network is two-fold :
  • A dedicated staff handling country operations
  • Headquarters (Paris) liaising with each country office and circulating the best pratices and ideas.

AlloCine Network

AlloCine Sites and Partners

AlloCine Sites

Advertising Partners

11 million unique visitorsin Europe

Number 1 French movie and TV portal

6.3 million unique visitors


200 million page views

In the Top 5 Belgium movie sites (Belgique)

324,000 unique visitors

5.5 million page views

In the Top 15 UK movie sites

312,000 unique visitors


3 million page views

Launched in August 2008

155,000 unique visitors


1 million page views

In the Top 3 German movie sites

630,000 unique visitors


10 million page views

Number 1 Italian movie site

2.3 million unique visitors


25 million page views

Number 1 Turkish movie site

970,000 unique visitors


10 million page views

(1) – NNR Août 2008 / (2) – Comscore Août 2008(3) – SmartAdserver Août 2008 / (4) – Comscore Août 2008(5) – NNR Août 2008 / (6) – Internal data

Coming Soon : Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland…


Spanish Advertising Campaign: SensaCine and Wanda Vision

Una Amistad Inolvidable

Duration: 2 weeks

Objective: create emotion with big advertising formatsHow? Prestitial and customisation of SensaCine (make

100% of the audience aware of the movie)

Bienvenido al Norte (project)

Duration: 1 month

Objective:1. Raise awareness of this French movie2. Encourage Internet users to view clips, photos

How?1. Distribution of a 4-page leaflet in Yelmo Cinemas2. Media campaign and editorial feature on the site3. Dedicated section


French Advertising Campaign: AlloCine and Haut et Court


Duration: 2 weeks

Objective:1. Reach 100% of the moviegoers2. Increase awareness of the movieHow?1. Prestitial and customisation of the Home Page2. Classic formats with a large number of page



UK Advertising Campaign: AlloCine and Pathe


Duration: 10 days

Objective:Reach 100% of the moviegoersHow?Prestitial and video ad formats



  • Sales & Marketing contacts
  • France ( : Marine Lafon,
  • UK ( : Tom Swalow,
  • Spain ( : Pascal Kaszczyk, pkaszczyk
  • Germany ( : Jürgen Armbruster,
  • Other countries : Laurent Schummer,
  • Grégory Ragot,
  • Headquarters in Paris
  • Grégoire Lassalle, COO AlloCine Group :
  • Alexandra Ouzilleau, VP International :
  • Laurent Schummer, International Sales Manager :
  • Grégory Ragot, Sales & Marketing Coordinator :
  • Alexis Geng, International Managing Editor :