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AlloCine Network European Movie Sites. Spain. Overview of the European movie market Why Internet is a must for distributors ? AlloCine accross Europe AlloCine Network Spanish ad campaign French ad campaign UK ad campaign. Spain. Overview of the European Movie Market. Admissions 2007.

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  1. AlloCine NetworkEuropean Movie Sites Spain

  2. Overview of the European movie market Why Internet is a must for distributors ? AlloCine accross Europe AlloCine Network Spanish ad campaign French ad campaign UK ad campaign Spain

  3. Overview of the European Movie Market Admissions 2007 Europe919 million admissionsEuropean Movie Market Share 28.8% Focus Source : European Audiovisual Observatory

  4. Why Internet is a must for distributors? Internet population in Europe (Source: Internet World Stats) • France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy • 190 million Internet users (total in Europe: 384 million) • Entertainment audience represents 74% of the Internet audience • Entertainement is Movies, TV, Music and Games Advantages of using the Internet: • Promote the films • Create buzz from production to theater release • Reach your public with a range of different marketing tools • Direct Marketing (alerts, newsletters…) • Display film content on multiple media channels • Advertise on cinema websites • Low CPM compared to other media • Customised advertising formats • 100% cinema targeted audience • Choice of specific targets (regional, ages…) • Extensive analysis of campaign impact (ROI) Focus on the “Entertainment-Movie” category The Entertainment-Movie category includes movie and cinema chains sites as well as portal movie sections. The Top 5* France UK Germany Spain Italy AlloCine Imdb Imdb Cinetube MediasetPremiere Odeon & UCI Cinestar Y! Movies Rai Internaute Movies Cineworld Filmstarts Filmaffinity MymoviesImdb MyVue Cinemaxx Imdb MSN Movies CityVox Y! Movies Moviemaze HoyCinema Y! Movies* Analysis from ComScore and NetRatings - Sept-2008 / Video platforms like Youtube and Dailymotion are excluded

  5. AlloCine across Europe AlloCine in France • For over 10 years, AlloCine’s objective has been to give Internetusers the best information regarding movies, DVDs and TVSeries, no matter what they’re looking for. This commitment has • allowed AlloCine to work with all distributors (major & independent). • For distributors, AlloCine means: • Exhaustive, powerful, professional • Equal editorial attention to major and independent films • Tailored-made advertising campaigns The European Network • With its sucess in France, AlloCine quite naturally began to develop a European Network of movie sites, supported by partner distributors.We accepted the challenge to adapt our editorial, marketing and sales know-how to each country’s specifications. • This Network is two-fold : • A dedicated staff handling country operations • Headquarters (Paris) liaising with each country office and circulating the best pratices and ideas.

  6. AlloCine Network AlloCine Sites and Partners AlloCine Sites Advertising Partners 11 million unique visitorsin Europe Number 1 French movie and TV portal AlloCine.fr 6.3 million unique visitors (1) 200 million page views In the Top 5 Belgium movie sites AlloCine.com (Belgique) 324,000 unique visitors 5.5 million page views In the Top 15 UK movie sites Screenrush.co.uk 312,000 unique visitors (2) 3 million page views Launched in August 2008 SensaCine.com 155,000 unique visitors (3) 1 million page views In the Top 3 German movie sites Filmstarts.de 630,000 unique visitors (4) 10 million page views Number 1 Italian movie site Mymovies.it 2.3 million unique visitors (5) 25 million page views Number 1 Turkish movie site Beyazperde.com 970,000 unique visitors (6) 10 million page views (1) – NNR Août 2008 / (2) – Comscore Août 2008(3) – SmartAdserver Août 2008 / (4) – Comscore Août 2008(5) – NNR Août 2008 / (6) – Internal data Coming Soon : Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland…

  7. Spanish Advertising Campaign: SensaCine and Wanda Vision Una Amistad Inolvidable Duration: 2 weeks Objective: create emotion with big advertising formatsHow? Prestitial and customisation of SensaCine (make 100% of the audience aware of the movie) Bienvenido al Norte (project) Duration: 1 month Objective:1. Raise awareness of this French movie2. Encourage Internet users to view clips, photos How?1. Distribution of a 4-page leaflet in Yelmo Cinemas2. Media campaign and editorial feature on the site3. Dedicated section sensacine.com/bienvenidoalnorte

  8. French Advertising Campaign: AlloCine and Haut et Court Tokyo Duration: 2 weeks Objective:1. Reach 100% of the moviegoers2. Increase awareness of the movieHow?1. Prestitial and customisation of the Home Page2. Classic formats with a large number of page impressions

  9. UK Advertising Campaign: AlloCine and Pathe Hunger Duration: 10 days Objective:Reach 100% of the moviegoersHow?Prestitial and video ad formats

  10. Contacts • Sales & Marketing contacts • France (www.allocine.fr) : Marine Lafon, mlafon@allocine.fr • UK (www.screenrush.co.uk) : Tom Swalow, tswallow@screenrush.co.uk • Spain (www.sensacine.com) : Pascal Kaszczyk, pkaszczyk @sensacine.com • Germany (www.filmstars.de) : Jürgen Armbruster, armbruster@filmstarts.de • Other countries : Laurent Schummer, lschummer@allocine.fr • Grégory Ragot, gragot@allocine.fr • Headquarters in Paris • Grégoire Lassalle, COO AlloCine Group : glassalle@allocine.fr • Alexandra Ouzilleau, VP International : aouzilleau@allocine.fr • Laurent Schummer, International Sales Manager : lschummer@allocine.fr • Grégory Ragot, Sales & Marketing Coordinator : gragot@allocine.fr • Alexis Geng, International Managing Editor : ageng@allocine.fr

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