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  1. SPAIN Tarnishagibson 05-23-2011 Victory University

  2. Map of Spain Southwestern Europe bordering the Bay of Biscay, Mediterranean Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and Pyrenees Mountain, southwest of France.

  3. Capital The capital of Spain is Madrid with a total population of 3.3 million. Other cities are Barcelona, Valencia and Seville.

  4. Spanish Flag The Spanish flag has a central yellow stripe that is twice as wide as tall as each red band beside it. The coat of arms of Spain is on the yellow band, towards the flagpole side.

  5. Spanish Flag con… • The Spanish coats of arms consist of two crown top pillars of Hercules with red banners wrapping round them. It displays the Latin words Plus Ultra meaning more beyond. • This refers to the discovery of the New World by Columbus. • The two columns on the side hold up four quarters that display a castle, a lion with a crown, red and yellow vertical stripes, chain mail with three fleurs-de-lis in an oval in the center. • A red and gold crown sits on top of the shield. • The columns represent the pillars of Hercules. • It is said that the colors of the flag come from the bull fighting arena. Yellow representing the sand of the arena and red representing the blood.

  6. Basic Information • Languages • The official language of Spain is Spanish. Other languages are Galician and Basque. • Population • 47,150,819 • Religion • The people of Spain are predominantly Roman Catholic. Other religions followed are Protestant and Islamic.

  7. Food • Dining Etiquette • If invited to a Spaniards home its is proper to bring a gift that consist of sweets, flowers or wine. • If small children are attending it is nice to also bring a gift for them. • At the dinner table never sit down until invited to do so. • Always keep your hands visible when eating. • If you are not done eating put your fork across your knife on the plate. • Indicate you have finished eating by placing your knife and fork parallel on the plate, tines facing up and the handles facing to the right. • Spain's food is made from locally grown fruits and vegetables. • Garlic and Olive Oil are also commonly used in Spanish cooking. • Spain is popular for its wine. Which are sherry, sangria, and rioja. • The most famous Spanish dish is called paella (pie-AY-yah). It is made up of rice a vegetable chorizo(sausage), shellfish, chicken or rabbit and seasonings to taste.

  8. Culture When introduced always prepare to shake hands. • Once men have created bonds they will begin to embrace each other with a pat on the shoulders. • Female friends kiss each other on the cheeks starting with the left. • As a general rule people are referred to as Don or Dona plus their first name in formal conversations. • Many men use a two handed shake placing their left hand on the right forearm of the other person. • Spain is a very equalitarian state. Women do attend college and do work as they wish. Spain is also known for having one of the lowest birth rates in Europe.

  9. Flamenco The word flamenco in Spanish originally meant Flemish. It is said that during the Flemish kingdom of Carlos 1 in Spain there was a confusion between Flemish and gypsy that led to the usage of this word.

  10. Flamenco con…. Flamenco is a Spanish art form that consist in three different ways. El cante the song, el baile the dance, and la guitarra the guitar playing.

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