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World War II Content

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World War II Content. British surrender That special day Comparison of b attle v ehicles . Before The British Surrenders. Took out Malaya in less than 2 weeks The garrison protecting Singapore surrendered first Japan started to invade Singapore

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world war ii content

World War II Content


That special day

Comparison of battle vehicles

before the british surrenders
Before The British Surrenders
  • Took out Malaya in less than 2 weeks
  • The garrison protecting Singapore surrendered first
  • Japan started to invade Singapore
  • British had already ran out of food and bullets
  • Fall of Singapore
  • End of January 1942 Singapore were totally defeated
why had the british lost the war
Why had the British lost the war?
  • Not many experience British soldiers
  • Japan was well trained and willing to die for their country
  • They only had 2 battle ships only in Singapore
  • They did not have enough soldiers
british surrender
British Surrender
  • After defeating Australian, British, Indian and Malayan
  • 15 February 1942
  • Lieutenant-General Arthur Ernest Percival and his commanders surrendered
  • Renamed to Syonanto which means Southern Island
  • Went to the Japan’s headquarters in Singapore
  • Carried their own flag and a white flag.
  • Reporters took photos and was shown all over the world
that special day
That Special Day…

Can anyone guess what it is?


We celebrate this occasion every February.

that special day1
That Special Day
  • Total Defence Day
  • That day was the day we surrendered to the Japanese
so how do we commemorate this event
So how do we commemorate this event?
  • For our school, we commemorate this event by trying to put ourselves in those citizens which suffered war with little food.
  • We can distribute food to the needy
  • We can provide voluntary service to help the unfortunate
  • Mostly, we must do things that will foster racial harmony
  • We can protect ourselves without depending on others
battle vehicles

The Prince of Wales

  • The Repulse
  • British Warplanes
  • Japanese ‘Zero’ fighter plane
  • Japan Military Warship
Battle Vehicles
japanese fighter plane vs british warplane

Japanese fighter plane

  • Modern
  • Fast
  • Greater firepower
  • Better armor
  • More powerful aircraft engine
  • British Warplane
  • Old
  • Slow
  • Weaker firepower
  • Some had little armor while some did not even have armor
  • Old and weak engines installed in the planes
Japanese fighter plane vs British warplane
  • Results
  • Japan defeated the British War Planes
british warships vs the japan warships

Japan Warships

  • Weaker than the British Warships
  • Came in numbers
  • Many came to Singapore
  • British Warships
  • Were strong but less in numbers
  • Had only two ships
  • Were sunken by the Japanese
  • Results

Japan overpowered the British with all of their warships. They were sunken earlier in the war.

British Warships vs the Japan Warships