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  1. Kenya Elsa McClun Jenna Lohnes 11/21/11 P.6

  2. Description Kenya is located in east Africa bordered by Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania. The population of Kenya is 40,512,682. Kenya is most known for its wildlife. Five Facts • The national language is Kiswahili. • The capital is Nairobi. • The main cities in Kenya are Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kiumu. • There are two main airports in Kenya. • The staple food in Kenya is Ugali; a milled corn bread.

  3. Major Causes of Water Quality Issues The major causes of the water quality issues in Kenya are due to a wave of droughts, poor management of water supply, underinvestment, unfair allocation of water, rampant deforestation, pollution of water supplies by untreated sewage, and a huge population explosion. Droughts: During a drought, there is less water in the country which results in sewage staying within the country and little to no fresh water available. Pollution of Water: The water in Kenya contains untreated sewage which decreases the quality and cleanliness of the water. Population Explosion: The population of Kenya is increasing which results in unequal distribution of water and the decrease in the quality.

  4. Effect of Poor Water Quality on Kenyan Population Poor water quality affects the population and wildlife in Kenya. The decrease in the water quality creates harmful habitats, diseases, and can lead to death. The supply of water is limited throughout Kenya and the fresh water is unable to be delivered to all regions in Kenya which results in certain places receiving poor quality water. The population is suffering from lack of clean water and sufficient amount of daily nutrients.

  5. Resolving the Issue There are several organizations working to help the water issue in Kenya improve. is a group that is working in an urban city in Kenya providing grants and WaterCredit programs, Save the Children is getting fresh water to remote areas in Kenya, and World Relief is helping those who have are without access to clean water.

  6. Our Resolution In order to help resolve the poor water quality issue in Kenya, we plan on contacting numerous non-profit organizations, working with groups dedicated to providing clean water to poor countries, and promoting beneficial environmental habits.

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