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KENYA. Join us in a tour through Kenya’s history from their independence to modern day. How did Kenya become…. This- To This-. Or how about…. This- To This- . Or even…. This- To This- . There is a story….

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  1. KENYA Join us in a tour through Kenya’s history from their independence to modern day.

  2. How did Kenya become… This- To This-

  3. Or how about… This- To This-

  4. Or even… This- To This-

  5. There is a story… It starts with the Independence of yet another British African colony, Kenya, in 1963…

  6. Fighting for Independence • Rebel Leader: Mau Mau • People involved: Kikuyu farmers • Goal: force out of European-Kenyans by frightening white farmers • Purpose: To get European (British) influence out of Kenya and reclaim their land from white farmers in order to gain independence

  7. With freedom came a fresh start, more responsibilities, and eventually more political, social and economic problems that are unfortunately still present in Kenya today… Free at last!

  8. Unresponsive Government The People Want: -government involvement in ceasing violence -more human rights respect -honest government plays which consider the people -publicity of political events -democracy "the politicians at last agreed on a coalition cabinet. Everyone gets a slice of cake; everyone, that is, except the average Kenyan voter"

  9. What the government is doing… "the new government will have two godfathers. The Orange Democratic movement will look to Mr. Odinga for direction and favors. The Party of National Unity and its allies will seek Mr. Kibaki's patronage.“ -threatening the society and economy with political corruption -ignoring the demands of the people -attempting to rule one nation with two leaders (prime minister and president) -running elections with corruption that lead to public dissatisfaction and communal violence -sending false information to their people to strengthen their own power -pointing fingers

  10. Ethnic Cleansings/Dislocation • There are too many conflicting ethnic tribes • Destruction of homes of many people forced them to move into other tribal territory resulting in massive deaths of civilians -Always on the run "the Red Cross estimates that 200,000 Kenyans have been displaces, nearly all of them for ethnic reasons"

  11. "Human-rights groups say the government executed hundreds of suspected Munigiki in extra-judicial killings last year“ Communal Violence Supporters of any political party are killed Conflict between political parties results in civilian deaths Violence is an effect of lack of human rights -Cries of Civilians

  12. “Kenyatta became president - Nariobi would be the capitial, major buissness center” Kenyatta’s Reign -Economy flourished (trade, tourism, agriculture) -People were satisfied with his ruling style -He provided people with hope and a dream to live -Similar to Mao Zedong -Thumbs up Kenyatta

  13. Tourism Major money maker Scenery and wildlife $ from tourism stimulated the economy After Kenyatta’s death (1978), tourism decreased as violence increased Border disputes with Uganda and Somalia Used to be a sight to see "The tourism industry is a major source of foreign exchange"

  14. Under-developed “Kenya has been left far behind in the race to accelerated development. Even the rich aren’t rich.” -No water, no homes, no food, no industry, no education -Lucky to have greens

  15. Down, down, down "So far the instability has cost the country $1 billion" -economy decreases due to political corruption and inflation (WWII debts, recent economic crash) -Gasp! That’s a lot of money!

  16. So how does this story end? -Kenya is still suffering from multiple, clashing political leaders attempting to lead a country -The people still do not feel fairly represented nor protected by the government, and their hopes for a democracy are not being fulfilled

  17. And then…. -Kenya’s people are still suffering from ethnic cleansings caused by differences between tribes -They are also being suppressed with communal violence resulting in many deaths due to lack of human rights

  18. Finally… -The political tensions and social conditions are feeding into the economic debts that have dropped Kenya into the red zone -Multiple economic crashes and inflation have also contributed to the devastating under-developed economy

  19. Quick QuizWhat do you remember?

  20. What combination of political leaders does Kenya currently have? • One president b) One king and one president c) One president and one prime minister d) One LaFemina

  21. What do the people want? • Democracy b) Economic growth c) Human rights d) All of the above

  22. What are factors that have caused tourism to decline in Kenya? • Border disputes with Uganda and Somalia b) Political instability and corruption c) Both a and b d) Neither a nor b

  23. Was the Kenyan dessert yummy? • Yes b) No c) You better pick A d) If you’re even looking at this letter, you’re wrong!

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