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Kenya. Kenya is a nice Country. Map. Kenya is located in Africa. Nairobi. Nairobi is capital of Kenya. WEATHER.

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  1. Kenya Kenya is a nice Country

  2. Map • Kenya is located in Africa

  3. Nairobi Nairobi is capital of Kenya

  4. WEATHER • The hottest time of the year in Kenya is February and March and the coldest time of year is July and August. There coastal region is usaully humid and wet and Kenya's city Malinda receives an average rainfall of 1050 mm in 1 year . The lake Victoria Basin in the western part of kenya is usaully the wettest region in the country of Kenya and its particularly the highland regions to the north and south of Kisumu. The long rains in kenya extend from March until June and the short rains last from October until December. The highlands of Western Kenya have a single rainy season lasting from March until September. Seasonable climates from Kenya are usally controlled by a large scale climate pressure systems from the western part of the Indian Ocean. The Northeast winds promidate north of the equator from December until March while the south to southeast winds dominate south of the equator. The Montains in Kenya are mainly dry although rain may occur in some Kenyan regions.

  5. History of Kenya • People had first evolved in the country of Kenya over 200 years ago. • Over 230 skeletons have been found near Lake Rudolf which is located in Northern Kenya. • Arab traders settled on the coast of Africa during the first Millennium AD. • There was a language with African roots called the Swahili • Kenya which was conquered by Britain in 1890, won its independence in 1963. • President Jomo who was the first president of independent Kenya

  6. The culture of Kenya Kenya's culture has a lot of Jazz music and their culture has a lot of Kenyan music. Kenya's culture includes a lot of beans, meat, potatoes, and peas. They are also best known for beer, honey, ornaments, and iron weapons. Art and clothing are other products that are sold in this Continent.

  7. Products of Kenya • The products of Kenya are Cement, Boots, and Candles

  8. Language that is spoken in Kenya The Akumba are a Bantu ethnic group who live in the semi arid eastern province of Kenya stretching east of Nairobi to Tsavo and north up to Kenya. The land is called Ukambani and they speak Kimkamba language. Many people believe that the Akamba is a little bit of a mixture of east African people and the bear farmers. The Kenyan official languages are Swahili and English. In the country of Kenya they are a total of 69 different languages

  9. Similarities and Differences

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