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KENYA. By: Morgan Redwine. Lake Turkana. Surrounding Countries Capital Landforms Major Cities. KEnya. Chalbi Desert. Lake Baringo. Mount Kenya. Capital: Nairobi. Lake Naivasha. Historical Sites and Landmarks. Fort Jesus (Mombasa) Bomas of Kenya (Nairobi) Mount Kenya (Kenya).

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  1. KENYA By: Morgan Redwine

  2. Lake Turkana Surrounding Countries Capital Landforms Major Cities KEnya Chalbi Desert Lake Baringo Mount Kenya Capital: Nairobi Lake Naivasha

  3. Historical Sites and Landmarks • Fort Jesus (Mombasa) • Bomas of Kenya (Nairobi) • Mount Kenya (Kenya)

  4. Recreation and Outdoor activities • Tsavo National Park • Amboseli National Park

  5. Flag The national flag of Kenya has three colors; black on the top, red in the middle and green at the bottom. The red band has white border on its two sides. These three bands are horizontally equal to each other. In the middle of the flagthere is a Maasai warrior shield with two spears. This flagofficially came into being on 12th December 1963 and indicates to the Kenya African National Union. The black, red and green colorsignifyblack majority, freedom struggle bloodshed and natural recourses respectively while the shieldis the symbol of protector of all these.

  6. Setting ClimateLocation Weather • Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean, between Somalia and Tanzania • Varies from tropical along coast to arid in interior.

  7. Transportation • Airports- Wilson Airport in Nairobi • Roadways- Through out Kenya • Waterways- Lake Victoria

  8. Arts and culture • Nairobi National Museum • Old Law Courts Gallery

  9. Languages Food • English (official) • Kiswahili • Numerous Indigenous Languages • Ugali- a semi-hard cake made of maize (corn) flour or millet flour. It's a favorite meal for all Kenyans and usually accompanies fish, meat, nyamachoma, meat stews, sukuma wiki or other greens.

  10. Additional NaturalInfo Hazards • Population- 41,070,934 • Republic Government • December 12, 1963- Independence • Volcanoes • Drought

  11. Life religion/expectancy ethnic group • male: 58.91 years • female: 60.07 years • Ethnic group- Kikuyu • Religion- Protestant, and Roman Catholic

  12. Imports Exports • Electricity • Oil • Natural Gas • Electricity • Oil • Natural Gas

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