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  1. HIRE HEROES USA • Resume Writing Workshop • Purpose: • Learn how to write a resume that describes your experience while highlighting your value that targets your career objectives!

  2. TYPES OF RESUMES • Resumes are meant to highlight your work experiences and skills, but there are different ways to display this information. Depending on your work background, there may be a type of resume that will best highlight your strengths. • Chronological • These are the most common, listing your work experience for the past 10 years beginning with the most recent • Functional • Functional resumes highlight areas of skills and strengths. They are helpful if you: • Performed similar duties in each work experience • Have gaps in your work history (where you were not a full time student) • Have frequently changed jobs • FederalThis is used specifically to apply to federal government jobs.

  3. THE 10-SECOND TEST • 10 seconds is all the time a hiring manager is going to give your resume when deciding to keep it or pass on it! • Here’s how to make sure your resume passes the 10-second test: • Create a solid Summary of Qualifications – this is the first thing hiring managers will read • Match key words and Areas of Expertise from the job description • Tailor your work experience to meet the job description

  4. RESUME SECTIONS Heading Summary of Qualifications Areas of Expertise Military / Professional Experience Education / Training Certifications Technical Skills Awards

  5. HEADING Center your full name in all capitals (bolded), mailing address, phone number and e-mail address *Only include your mailing address if you are applying locally* JOHN L. SMITH1234 Main St. Alpharetta, GA 12345 ( 999 ) 123 - 4567

  6. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • The Summary of Qualifications is your brand and the first thing hiring managers read – make sure it leaves the reader wanting more! • Build your Summary of Qualifications • What have you done/accomplished? • Highlight your worth in relation to the job description • Focus on the experiences that may set you apart

  7. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • Executive Protection Manager with a Top Secret clearance (TS / SCI) offering 11 years of expertise in protective services, leadership, risk management, and strategic planning. Supervised and trained 80 personnel in small unit tactics, marksmanship, and communications procedures in the United States Army. Managed the distribution and maintenance of equipment valued at $6M while meeting the vision of executive leadership. Traveled extensively, domestically and internationally, to areas of high risk, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Ecuador. Experienced in collaborating with federal law enforcement agencies on joint operations and training foreign military forces. Career is supported by a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Colorado, advanced military leadership training, and First Aid / OSHA Certifications.

  8. AREAS OF EXPERTISE • Beneath your Summary of Qualifications, list 6 - 9 bullet points that highlight your areas of expertise. These can include key words from the job description.

  9. MILITARY / PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • To create strong bullet points, quantify your actions: • Is there an outcome or difference that can be measured? • Developed an intelligence collection program with Iraqi Army; resulted in a 200% increase in information reports and the capture of 15 individuals in three months • Was there a percentage of difference from before? • Designed and implemented new maintenance program for a fleet of 32 combat vehicles that raised unit readiness from 84% to 97% in two months, exceeding the 90% unit standard • How many people did I manage? • Managed 30-person team that provided maintenance and logistical support for 150-person company; coordinated the distribution and accountability of equipment valued at $62M • How many people have I trained? • Served as lead project officer for five division training exercises; resulted in the rapid deployment of 10 combat brigades to the Middle East and ensured training readiness of 12K soldiers

  10. MILITARY / PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • United States Army – Various Locations 2005 – Present • Instructor/ Army Logistics University • Served as an instructor at the Army Logistics University. Instructed 114 different lessons in the fields of logistics and transportation to newly commissioned officers in the United States Army. • Mentored and maintained accountability of 1,355 lieutenants and two foreign students; provided thought provoking instruction and positive guidance for their personal and professional development • Instructed 739 hours of transportation and logistics based lessons to classes of approximately 60 lieutenants at a time; consistently recognized and rated as the top instructor in respective department • Oversaw all aspects of the officer fitness program; lieutenants in section averaged 250 points on the physical fitness test, far exceeding the Army’s standard of 180 points • Volunteered to be the officer school’s representative for the Army Emergency Relief Campaign, soliciting over $15K in charitable donations for soldiers in their time of need; fundraising efforts more than doubled last year’s amount

  11. MILITARY / PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE • JOHN SMITH PAGE TWO • Scout Sniper / Communications Specialist • Member of four man specialty team operating under adverse weather conditions, irregular hours, and severe physical strain. Prepared and briefed daily analysis reports to division commander. Daily duties required long range communications that were consistent and accurate. • Supervised and trained four personnel in small unit tactics, demolitions, marksmanship and advanced close quarters battle movements, as well as communications and radio procedures • Integrated risk management process into operational planning for over 400 combat missions during a 15 month period; proved ability to lead under stressful, time critical conditions • Maintained accountability of classified communications equipment and vehicles valued in excess of $250K • Developed lesson plans and instructed military personnel in the installation and use of radio equipment; trained approximately 400 personnel in three years

  12. EDUCATION / TRAINING • Be sure to include your education and any training you have that would benefit the job you are applying to • Starting with your education, include the following in each line: • College or Training Course Administrator • Type of Degree / Course • Location and Year Completed • Duke University, Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Durham, NC, 2010 • US Army, Basic Non - Commissioned Officer Course, Ft. Bragg, NC, 2009 • US Army, Primary Leadership Development Course, Ft. Benning, GA, 2008

  13. CERTIFICATIONS • Include any certifications you have that would benefit the job you are applying to. Be sure to include the following in each line: • Certification Administrator • Type of Certification • Location • US Army, Occupational Safety and Health Administration Certification, Ft. Bragg, NC • US Army, Equal Opportunity Employment Certification, Ft. Lee, VA • US Army, Hazardous Materials Certification, Ft. Lee, VA

  14. TECHNICAL SKILLS This section is helpful if you’re applying to a position in the Radio, IT, Telecommunications, Aviation or Maintenance sectors. List any technical skills you have that may be required or beneficial for the job you’re applying for. * Note: Move Technical Skills section under Areas of Expertise and above Professional Experience if your skills meet the requirements listed in the job description. US Army Airframes: UH - 60 Blackhawk, UH - 1 Iroquois, AH - 64 Apache, OH - 58D Kiowa Warrior and CH - 47 Chinook. Other Skills: Oxygen / Electrical Test Equipment, Aviation Life Support Equipment, Standard Army Maintenance System - I( Enhanced ) and Unit Level Logistics System - Aviation. Web Design / Computer Skills: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, HTML - Kit Utility, MS Office Suite 97 - 2003 / 2010, Excel and Word

  15. AWARDS This section is optional. If you choose to include your awards, list 4-5 medals, commendations, or achievements. Army Commendation Medal Joint Service Achievement Medal Army Achievement Medal Good Conduct Medal NATO Medal

  16. IMPACT OF A RESUME • A good resume should: • Demonstrate that your experience and qualifications fit the job description • Prove your ability to perform the job in question • Illustrate your accomplishments and how you can contribute similarly to the new organization • Show your potential to have positive impact

  17. DO’S AND DON’TS • DO • Focus on your strengths and accomplishments • Quantify your results • Eliminate unnecessary details • Use power words • Spell out abbreviations • Use bullet points – not paragraphs • DON’T • Use pronouns such as: “I”, “me”, “my”, “our”, or “we” • Use fancy fonts or embellishments • Include photographs or personal information • Lie or exaggerate • Include combat details • Use military jargon

  18. RESUME WRITING Questions?