opentomo org a library for tomographic tools n.
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  1. A library for tomographic tools?

  2. Possible topics • Wiki (on numerical methods, codes collected, tools, terminology, desired future tools,... ) • Code, code modules, helper scripts, ... • Model parameterisation tools • Interfacing data sets

  3. Motivation Simulation codes will be our main tool Hardware will be increasingly complex and heterogeneous Wave propagation physics is well understood Some solvers are in fairly mature state Benchmarking facilities have been developed Community well structured through previous projects (SPICE, NERIES, etc.)

  4. Why Now? More and more Projects on a European scale Support for e-infrastructure in the next decades (EPOS) Funding agencies (national, EU) are beginning to understand the software crisis „Software is infrastructure“ Calls for „virtual communities“ QUEST funding and involved partners Exploding hardware facilities New hardware architectures

  5. Previous work

  6. SPICE library

  7. Interactive Benchmarking Moczo et al., 2006

  8. Training Material SPICE Publications – via www pages 1st SPICE Book (Moczo et al.) -> Finite Differences 2nd SPICE Book (Brokesova) -> Ray Theory (now available) Wu R.S., Maupin V (eds) 2006. Advances in Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Earth, v.48 of "Advances in Geophysics", Series editor R. Dmowska, Academic Press, Elsevier.

  9. openTomo? Why not QUEST library? Is there a market? Can it be sustained after the end of QUEST? Founding projects (rather than one project) Potential inclusion and support through EPOS in the future Dissemination through special sessions (EGU, AGU, SEG, EAGE)

  10. openTomo, Categories? Any tools you need to solve a tomographic inverse problem from A-Z

  11. Categories Data processing Classical methods Ray theory Normal modes Simulation tools (svn!) 2,3D solvers Cartesian Spherical Earth model library Geophysical models Grids Drivers Adjoint tools, inversion Adjoint codes Sampler Visualization

  12. Categories (cont‘d) Animation library Training material/Tutorials Codes Methods Data recovery Data handling Data sets Pre-processed

  13. Potential Support (-ing projects) QUEST ANU (Kennett, Sambridge) TOAST (LMU) MACES (LMU-TUM) GlobalSeis (Nice) EPOS NERA …

  14. Open questions Community support? Willing to contribute software? Willing to use the tools offered? Etc. -> success will depend on funding coming through for www and software developers