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PowerPoint Tools

PowerPoint Tools

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PowerPoint Tools

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  1. PowerPointTools

  2. How NOT to Use PowerPoint

  3. Tips • Get rid of short menu by clicking Tools, Customize, Options, Always Show Full Menus • Change case of text by highlighting text, hold down Shift key and hit F3 until correct case is shown • View a mini-presentation by holding down Ctrl when you click Slide Show • Press F7 for Spell Check for PowerPoint

  4. PowerPoint on Google • Search for PowerPoint presentations on Google • Go to • Type filetype:ppt and a keyword • Can also search for Word (doc), Excel (xls), and Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files

  5. Basics • Slide Design • Backgrounds • Formatting Font • Text boxes • Clip Art • Transitions • Animations Handout can be found on my blog

  6. Pictures

  7. Inserting Pictures • Insert, Picture, Clip Art for gallery pictures • Insert, Picture, From File for pictures saved on your computer • For pictures from the Web, go to Google and click Image at top left • Customizable options • Right click on picture and copy, then go to PowerPoint and right click paste

  8. Picture Toolbar • To edit inserted pictures, use the picture toolbar • It can be found by clicking View, Toolbars, Picture • Crop, Line Style, and Compress are my favorites

  9. Saving a Slide as a Picture • I use individual slides from presentations as pictures on my blog • Click File, Save as, change Save as Type to Jpeg, and then select Current Slide Only

  10. Sounds

  11. Gallery, Animation, Narration • Insert, Movie and Sounds, Sounds from Clip Organizer are sounds available in the gallery of PowerPoint • Slide Show, Custom Animation, Add Effect to object in slide for sound effects under Effect Options • Slide Show, Record Narration to add voice narration to slide

  12. Videos in PowerPoint

  13. Embedding Video • United Streaming video can be embedded into PowerPoint slides • Download the video from United Streaming • In PowerPoint, click Insert, Movies and Sounds, Movie from File • You have the option of playing Automatically or When Clicked

  14. United Streaming Embedded Video“Cite Your Source”

  15. Embed YouTube Video • Copy the YouTube video link • Choose View, Toolbars, Control Toolbox • Click the Hammer button (more controls) • Choose Shockwave Flash Object • Drag a box across the screen to get the desired size and location. Don't cover the entire slide. • Right click the box and choose Properties.

  16. In the Properties window, click the Movie item. • Paste the YouTube URL that you copied. • In the URL, delete the text watch?. • In the URL, replace the = (equal) sign with a / (forward slash). Set the Loop value to False unless you want the movie to repeat over and over. • Set the Playing value to False to allow you to click when you want the movie to start, rather than automatically when you display the PowerPoint slide.

  17. Resources • Slideshare-Upload and share your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF documents. Add audio to make a webinar. • Game Templates • PowerPoint Tips • Tutorial • Teresa’s PowerPoint Page • Pete’s PowerPoint Station

  18. Shortcuts Editing Slides Editing Slides New Slide Copy Slide Bold Italic Underline Superscript Subscript Font Size (bigger) Font Size (smaller) Change Case Remove formatting Ctrl-M Ctrl-D Ctrl-B Ctrl-I Ctrl-U Ctrl-Shift + Ctrl = Ctrl-Shift > Ctrl-Shift < Shift-F3 Ctrl Space Copy autoshape style Paste autoshape style Cycle thru all objects Select all objects Group objects Ungroup objects Copy object Zoom In/Out Show Grid Show Guides Help Ctrl-Shift-C Ctrl-Shift-V Tab Ctrl-A Ctrl-Shift G Ctrl-Shift H Ctrl and Drag Ctrl MouseWheel Shift-F9 Alt-F9 F1 Presentation Slideshow F5 Right Arrow Left Arrow 14 Enter key B W Home End F1 Home Esc Save Print Close New Find text Spell check Ctrl-S Ctrl-P Ctrl-W Ctrl-N Ctrl-F F7 Start Next slide or build Previous slide or build Jump to slide 14 Black slide White slide First slide Last slide Quick keys Re-start Quit / End show General Undo Repeat Help Ctrl-Z Ctrl-Y F1