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Employee Satisfaction Survey Results PowerPoint Presentation
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Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

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Employee Satisfaction Survey Results
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Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

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  1. Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

  2. Employee Satisfaction Survey Results • Survey Sections • Job Responsibilities • Management • Company Environment • Received 33 Responses out of 38 Employees

  3. Employee Satisfaction Survey Results • Job Responsibilities Section

  4. I know what is expected of me at work

  5. I feel the freedom to “think outside the box”

  6. I am fairly compensated

  7. I have the equipment/materials/resources I need in order to perform my job to the best of my ability

  8. My assignments are clearly explained

  9. I feel rushed to ensure that I meet deadlines

  10. I feel like I do not get enough to do

  11. I have opportunities to learn things outside my specific job

  12. I receive feedback that helps my improve my performance

  13. Comments • I seem to get responsibilities without being told, very hard to create a priority list • We have made progress as it relates to the equipment and materials. Would like to attend training courses. • Performance reviews are not consistently handled company-wide. Every review should have positives and future goals/areas for improvement.

  14. Comments • Compensation ok, but likely a little under the industry average. • Our ideas are seldom used. Always need time and then forgotten until it’s too late again. Equipment and resources need updating to meet technology advances in the industry. We have zero feedback knowing what we do well and what we struggle with.

  15. Comments • Hope to see a yearly raise and bonus if the company is doing well. Would also like to be recognized for additional tasks given throughout the year. Raises should be based on performance. • Incessant pressure in this environment is not beneficial. You don’t get quality software or documented, supportable products. Results now is being traded for issues down the road, or after shipment. Ideas are too grand with what labor force is capable of or willing to do around here.

  16. Comments • I think the wages could be elevated to reflect the amount of work people do. • I feel we are taking steps to streamline the parts/inventor process and hopefully that will lead to more productivity and fewer headaches. As far as the level of pay goes, I think that everyone wants to make more money that’s just life. For now I feel fairly compensated but would like to earn more as my job responsibilities increase.

  17. Comments • I feel I am compensated well; however, when additional responsibilities are taken on that should be considered. • I am comfortable with where I am at compensation wise but I sometimes think that with all the extra responsibility that is usually added I may be worth more. Bottom line, people feel they should make more.

  18. Comments • I have too many hats to wear. • There are areas where I could use more equipment and/or resources. Bottom line, it is my responsibility to justify the need for them. We are all in the mind set of doing things as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. For me sometimes, I believe that train of thought overshadows the fact that more resources may be more efficient than doing more with what you have.

  19. Comments • I do feel rushed to meet deadlines. Most of the time, these deadlines are one that are created by me. They are often set with a lot of thought being put into the fact that usually there is a gap between when a project can comfortably be completed and what is best for cash flow or budgeting time. The other thing that happens frequently is one project will be started and because of what happens on the sales or service end dictates that something else has become more important. It becomes a scheduling nightmare and makes it hard to stay on schedule and not feel constantly rushed.

  20. Employee Satisfaction Survey Results • Management Section

  21. I feel that I can talk to my manager about matters which concern me

  22. My manager stays up-to-date on what I am working on and what I have completed

  23. I am complimented and given constructive criticism

  24. I feel that my manager doesn’t understand exactly what I do on a daily basis

  25. Other managers within the company know who I am and understand my job responsibilities

  26. Comments • I do things for several departments. Sometimes accounting doesn’t see it that way. • I feel guilty about taking up my manager’s time (because he is so busy) talking about my concerns or questions. • Other managers within the company know who I am. I don’t believe others understand what all my job entails. • We are never complimented verbally. A thank you goes a long way. Only time we have department meetings is when we get reprimanded.

  27. Comments • Compliments are received and well taken but constructive criticism does not take place. I think managers just need to make sure they are doing both, doesn’t have to be equal but constructive criticism should take place at least once per year. • Manager knows in general what I do on a daily basis but probably not exactly what I do. • I am still fairly new here, I am still learning what everyone’s job is and who is in charge of what. Overall, I have been very pleased with the level of support from the management.

  28. Comments • I can’t keep doing the job of what I feel the service department or techs were hired to do. I am getting worn out. There is too much ignorance regarding electrical things and on programming or software things. I have actual engineering stuff to do and I can’t keep pulling it off. Electrical is too wide of a title but that’s what everyone thinks I am. • I feel I have a good working relationship with my manager. I have no problem going to him with issues that arise. I do believe at times that he does not know exactly what I do on a daily basis, but in my position he relies on me to take care of things that need to be addressed without him having to be involved.

  29. Employee Satisfaction Survey Results • Company Environment Section

  30. I get along with my co-workers

  31. I like where I work - Yes • I enjoy the challenge. My coworkers usually react to issues and problems in a professional manner. • Automatän allows for a great deal of independent growth. The company challenges individuals to do better than their best. • I like the way I am treated.

  32. I like where I work - Yes • I am inspired with challenges everyday. • I enjoy working as a team but also taking control of a sales call and working it to close. Automatän allows me to be every part of a business transaction. • My coworkers, the vacation and holiday package, family orientated company, and flexible schedule with issues/events arise. • I enjoy my coworkers.

  33. I like where I work - Yes • Dynamic company. Leadership is forward thinking. • I think I get along with everyone and that makes everything run smooth. • I like making things and working with my hands. • We have great potential. Love our holiday and vacation package… huge perk! • I like the freedom of doing my job in the means of my own way and programs.

  34. I like where I work - Yes • I am trusted by management and allowed to do what I need to do to successfully accomplish my responsibilities. • The potluck lunches are great! • I love working here, great people. Great products, the company feels as if it is moving in the right direction providing marketable product lines.

  35. I like where I work - Yes • Working on the GS has been fun and I am learning some new concepts. • The company is very family oriented. • Good working environment. • Challenged on a daily basis; work with up-to-date technology. • Custom machinery, new product development.

  36. I like where I work - Yes • I really enjoy the team atmosphere of Automatän and the level of communication between all departments and management. • It is a good place to work overall. A few things could be better but not bad. • I like where I work because of the things I do and the people I work with. • I am challenged and have been given several opportunities to grow. The flexibility, people, and working environment.

  37. I like where I work - Yes • I enjoy the opportunity to succeed, support my family and customers at a company that is forward thinking. • Good communication between departments. Good atmosphere. • Excellent learning experiences. Every day is something new.

  38. I like where I work - Yes • I think Automatän is a quality place to work. We are focused on what has to be done to keep improving the company as a whole. We have a ways to go in a lot of areas that can make things better. I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to make this happen. I believe we have a close knit group of really good employees who are dedicated to their jobs and the company. Things are not perfect, but that is also part of the challenge to keep improving.

  39. I like where I work - No • Project scheduling on every major project. Things are sold before accurate price/timeline can be created. Development time never given for features that sales just has to have but that the machine does not yet do. Too few building windows. • At times the focus of the company seems to be more on making a profit than taking care of their customers or employees.

  40. I like where I work - No • I feel overwhelmed and pressured with deadlines. • Lately, it seems a lot of people have been on edge with no outlet for their feelings. • I don’t feel I am being used to the best of my ability. I want a challenge. • I feel there is zero chance of moving up the ladder.

  41. I like where I work - No • Would prefer less unnecessary communication in open areas. It does impact productivity of others. • People pass things off then don’t follow up on them. • Robots, bad attitudes, and disorganization. • Too high of demand in production schedule for newer equipment.

  42. I feel my opinions and ideas are listened to

  43. Automatän is focused on its customers’ needs

  44. Automatän praises or rewards those who put forth an outstanding effort

  45. People are held accountable for the quality of work they produce

  46. I am consistently informed of what is going on within the company

  47. I understand how my work directly contributes to the overall success of the organization

  48. I am proud to work for Automatän

  49. Comments • I feel there is a need for additional staffing in a couple of areas (Customer Service, Purchasing and Parts).

  50. What is your #1 Complaint • I would like to see us get more complete and concrete information about projects, before we start designing. We could reduce the amount of rework. Too much time is spent redesigning components because of a major layout change. If we could gather accurate information on a customer’s machine/layout early in the design process it would minimize rework, redesign and second guessing.