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Adult II Couples Class. Welcome. How long have you been a member of Immanuel and where was your membership before coming here?. Adult II Couples Class. Question of the day. Prayer Requests. -Tony: Cancer treatments -Cathy Laster : Cancer treatments

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adult ii couples class1

How long have you been a member of Immanuel and where was your membership before coming here?

Adult II Couples Class

Question of the day


Prayer Requests

-Tony: Cancer treatments

-Cathy Laster: Cancer treatments

-Abraham Garcia: Cancer treatments

-Griffith Goodyear

-Harold Allen

-Jim Riva: Leukemia

-The Savages

-Country Haven Church

-Heup Family

-Woffords Traveling

-Global Missions Offering


Church Stuff

Class Events

Church Events

  • Benevolence Fund
  • Pastor Appreciation
  • R.E.A.P. (A-Team)
  • Scripture Readers Needed
  • Monthly Fellowships
    • October??
    • November??
    • December - Woffords
  • Dinner out Friday (26 Oct)
  • 5th Sunday Breakfast (30 Dec)
  • Betts Box
  • Quarterly Service Project
    • Samaria Project: $750 raised!!
  • Crocheting Class (20, 27 Oct)
  • Men’s Golf Scramble (20 Oct)
  • Homecoming (21 Oct)
  • Olive Grove Terrace Visitation (28 Oct)
  • Harvest Festival (31 Oct)
  • Goulde Shower (4 Nov)
adult ii couples class2

How long have you been a member of Immanuel and where was your membership before coming here?

Adult II Couples Class

Question of the day



Creation: God reveals His goodness through creation and His mercy in response to sin.

Patriarchs: God reveals His response to the faithfulness of men (Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph).

Exodus: God liberates Israel, and leads them to the Pro-mised Land and shapes them into a nation holy to Himself.

Conquest: Joshua, relying on God’s presence and power, leads Israel to possess and settle the Promised Land.

Judges: Every man does what is right in his own eyes, and Israel falls into the sin cycle.



Kingdom: God raises up a suc-cession of kings from Saul to Solomon who rule over a united Israel.

Divided: Israel divides into the northern and southern king-doms and each descends into rebellion and idolatry, inciting God’s judgment.

Captivity: A succession of wicked kingsbrings God’s judg-ment of captivity on first Israel, then Judah. God moves to preserve a remnant of Judah for seventy years in Babylon.

Return: After the seventy years, God moves in the hearts of pagan kings to authorize the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s temple and allow His people to return to their own land.

Silent: After the Jews return, God is silent for 400 years. Israel builds religious schools that evolve to teach religious interpretations of God’s Law rather than the Law itself.


Gospel Era

  • The 400 years of silence are broken
    • An angel appears to Zacharias the priest announcing that he and his barren wife would have a son named John
    • The angel Gabriel appears to Mary three months later and informing her that she will bear a Son by the Holy Spirit
  • When Jesus is 30, He asks John to baptize Him
    • The Holy Spirit descends upon Him
    • He is tempted for 40 days in the wilderness
  • Jesus begins His public ministry as Isaiah prophesied
    • Opens the ears of the deaf, gives sight to the blind, heals the sick
    • Preaches good news, forgives sins, proclaims God’s kingdom
  • Jesus commits no sin and always pleases the Father

Chronological Bible Discipleship

Iva May and Dr. Stan May

week forty-three


  • The King’s ministry begins with initial reception and crowds be-gin to follow Jesus throughout His ministry
    • He heals the blind
    • Causes the lame to walk
    • Cleanses lepers
    • Preaches the gospel to the poor
    • Feeds the multitude on two occasions
  • He guards against those who wish to make Him an earthly king by force
    • He is not a common earthly monarch
    • His kingdom is not of this world
  • He begins to make demands of those who would follow Him
    • The crowds begin to drift away
    • Only those who are truly committed remain
  • To these remaining disciples, He begins to reveal the true nature of His kingdom and those who serve in it
    • Only those with the attitude of a child may enter into His kingdom
    • All must swear full allegiance only to the King
  • There is a cost to those who desire to follow Christ and choose His kingdom over this world
  • This truth is demonstrated in the account of the rich young ruler whose reliance upon the security of his wealth prevents him from entering the kingdom of heaven
key truth

Following Jesus means choosing eternal rewards over temporal pleasures and seeing the invisible as more real than the visible

Key Truth

gospel era


Mark 10

The Kingdom of Heaven

The Rich Young Ruler

The Dilemma of Riches

Kingdom Perks

the rich young ruler1
The Rich Young Ruler
  • As Jesus Continues His Journey toward Jerusalem, He is Approached by a Young Man
    • What do we know about this man from the account of his meeting with Jesus?
      • He is young and wealthy (Matt 19:20)
      • He is genuine, sincere, eager and maybe a little presumptuous
      • He is outwardly righteous; believed good works merited eternal life
      • He was still uncertain about his future destiny (Matt 19:20)
    • He kneels and addresses Jesus
      • Calls Him “good” (not used to address a Rabbi by Jews)
      • Asks Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life
the rich young ruler2
The Rich Young Ruler
  • Jesus Challenges the Young Man’s Preconceptions about Achieving True Righteousness
    • Pointed out that true “goodness” belongs to God alone
      • Implies that this attribute is not measured by human achievement
    • Answers his question by bringing up the ‘second table’ of the Ten Commandments
      • The young man quickly (and probably proudly) replies that he had perfectly kept all these commands
      • Jesus’ response fits right into his belief that eternal life is gained by ‘doing’
the rich young ruler3
The Rich Young Ruler
  • Jesus Exposes the Inability of Doing to Obtain True Righteousness before God
    • Jesus saw through the young man’s religious devo-tion to his deepest need and “loved him”
    • Introduces God’s constant standard of perfection
      • “One thing you lack…” (Literally, ‘fall short’ – same term used in Rom 3:23)
  • God’s Standards Demands Exclusive Allegiance
    • The young man must surrender the one thing standing between him and allegiance to God – his earthly wealth
    • His earthly priorities will not allow him to release these
    • Jesus’ answer is upsetting and the young man departs grieving


Based on the outward righteousness of the rich young ruler, what answer to his question did he probably expect to receive from Jesus?

What was the cause of the young man’s distress when Jesus answered his question?


the dilemma of riches1
The Dilemma of Riches
  • This Encounter Contradicts all that His Disciples Understood about the Meaning of Earthly Wealth
    • Jewish tradition taught that wealth was an indication of acceptance by God
      • Riches were God’s reward to His true followers
    • Poor people were poor because they were cursed by God
      • Hypocrites and sinners were judged with poverty
      • Where else do we see Jesus teach by turning the traditional understanding of wealth and poverty on its head?
        • Parable of Lazurus and the rich man
the dilemma of riches2
The Dilemma of Riches
  • Jesus’ Teaching on the Dilemma of Riches
    • Riches are an obstacle to entering the kingdom of God
      • Uses the picture of a camel trying to pass through eye of a needle
      • Depicts the impossibility of the rich entering heaven
    • This teaching was a shock to the disciples
      • “The disciples were amazed at His words.” (24)
  • The Disciples were left to Wonder who could Hope to Obtain Salvation
    • Jesus answers: people, by themselves, have no hope
    • But with God, all things, including putting a camel through the eye of a needle, are easy


How many of you would consider yourselves wealthy?

How would you define ‘wealthy’?

A practical measure of wealth…

The time period you can maintain your standard of living without an earned income or outside financial support .

Wealth is measurable by time and period, not an amount of money

Is wealth an indicator of ones spiritual condition?

Can wealthy people be right before God while still holding on to their wealth?

Why did Jesus say that wealthy people would have a difficult time getting into heaven?

What did Jesus mean by His statement that with peo-plesalvation was impossible, but with God all things are possible?

kingdom perks

Kingdom Perks

Mark 10:28-31

Matthew 19

kingdom perks1
  • When Peter hears this Teaching, he Notes that he and his Fellow Disciples had left All to Follow Jesus
  • Jesus Responds to Peter
    • Notes that His followers are marked by what they give up for Him and for the promotion of His gospel message
      • Family
      • Lands
      • Property
      • “STUFF”
    • Those who do give up the things of this life will be rewarded in this life
      • Property
      • Family
      • Lands, and……
      • Persecutions
    • Those who give up the things of this life will be rewarded with eternal life in the life to come
kingdom perks2
  • In the Kingdom Economy, the Things and Posi-tions Treasured in this Life are Reversed
    • “But many who are first will be last, and the last first.” (vs.31)
    • The disciples, who came from among the common people that were looked down on and taken advantage of by the Phari-sees, would be exalted in heaven (Matt 19:28)
      • Matthew 19:28 - And Jesus said to them, “Truly I say to you, that you who have followed Me, in the regeneration when the Son of Man will sit on His glorious throne, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 


Does Jesus’ teaching on giving up family, property, possessions, mean that believers cannot own things or be devoted to family?

But isn’t this what Jesus demanded of the rich young ruler?

What sort of temporal allurements compete with maintaining our focus on eternal values?

How do riches and the pursuit of riches affect churches and believer today?

  • Riches are no proof of righteousness
    • Many rich will be cast out because they choose riches over Christ
  • Following Jesus demands that believers be ever willing to forsake all they know in this world.
    • His followers are known for what they leave
  • Following our King demands an eternal, rather than a temporal perspective
    • Not all are called to be missionaries and leave all
    • But followers of Jesus must view everything in this life as disposable
  • Those who leave all to follow Christ will find reward both in this life and in eternity

Bible Trivia QUIZ

The Gospels (1pts)

  • How many loaves of bread did Jesus use to feed the 4,000?
    • “…and He took the seven loaves and the fish; and giving thanks, He broke them and started giving them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. And they all ate and were satisfied, ” (Matthew 15:36-37)
  • Who appeared with Jesus on the mount of the transfiguration?
    • “Elijah appeared to them along with Moses; and they were talking with Jesus. ” (Mark 9:4)
  • What did James and John suggest as a parting gift for the Samaritan village that refused to welcome Jesus and His disciples on their journey to Jerusalem?
    • “When His disciples James and John saw this, they said, “Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them?” (Luke 9:54)


Bonus Questions (2pts)

  • The Syrophoenician woman petitioned Jesus to heal her daughter, but he initially refused, saying it wasn’t right to take the children’s bread and give it to dogs. What did she say to impress Jesus so that he healed her daughter?
    • “But she answered and said to Him, “Yes, Lord, but even the dogs under the table feed on the children’s crumbs.” (Mark 7:28)
  • What was the going price for five sparrows in Jesus’ day?
    • “Are not five sparrows sold for two cents? Yet not one of them is forgotten before God.” (Luke 12:6)
adult ii couples class3

Matthew 13

The Teaching King

Adult II Couples Class

Next week…..