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Life As We Know It? PowerPoint Presentation
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Life As We Know It?

Life As We Know It?

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Life As We Know It?

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  1. Life As We Know It? Carrie Paterson in conversation with NASA – JPL scientist Dr. Christopher Boxe Birth/Day conference – UC Irvine March 6-7, 2009

  2. Science Objective research Informed hypothesis Proof Art Fiction Imagination Supposition

  3. science and art share: processes of investigation visual modeling open-ended questioning the useful accident spontaneous discovery and both inhabit an uncomfortable state of “doubt”

  4. Nobel laureate physicistRichard Feynman

  5. Artist Eduardo Kac with his GFP Bunny

  6. Other Life Would we attempt to “re-write” its chemical “signature” here on Earth? Transcription “De-coding” any “biomarker” presents ethical dilemmas. What is the status of the hybrid “body”?

  7. Hybrid astrobiological bodies literal instantiation of mythical fiction but symbolic when fabricated How does a history of artistic and literary imagination “re-model” science at the point of this eventuality?

  8. Dr. Chris Boxe in the lab at JPL Carrie Paterson in the studio

  9. HNO3 concentration as a function of ∆GHNO3 is produced on Mars in reaction with H2O found in thin films that exist on water ice.

  10. HNO3 deposition on Mars’ surface (i.e., soil and ice-covered regions) occurs on pure water metastable thin liquid films. There is an increase in free energy through these reaction pathways, which proceed spontaneously, and thus provide an ample energy source for nitrogen fixation on Mars.Photochemically-produced fixed nitrogen species are not only released from the Martian surface to the gas-phase, but more importantly, transported to lower depths from the Martian surface in transient thin liquid films. Nitrogen cycle on Mars

  11. “Face on Mars” featureimaged in 1976 and 2001

  12. You Tube conspirators:“primitive woman” on Mars “seems to be gathering water”

  13. Martian “aqueducts”? observed by astronomersGiovanni Schiaparelli (1877) - topPercival Lowell (1906) - bottom

  14. NOAA – “Data More Powerful than Hurricanes”Hurricane Katrina's eye wall swirls in a photograph by a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) P-3 hurricane hunter pilot on August 28, 2005, a day before the powerful storm slammed into the United States Gulf Coast. Photograph by Lieutenant Mike Silah/courtesy NOAA

  15. Mark Bradford (counter-clockwise):Help Us, 2008Mithra, 2008Kryptonite, 2006

  16. “Weird Life” gathering itself in plasma “clouds”?

  17. Martian atmosphere

  18. “Someday it might be said that this was the beginning of the end of cosmic loneliness.” -- Dennis Overbye, New York Times, March 5, 2009 Image: Troy Cryder/NASA