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  1. Welcome

  2. Indiana’s Stellar Communities A first of its kind collaboration between: Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)

  3. Agenda • Opening Remarks • Agency Roles • Program Overview and Process • Requirements of the Program • Letter of Interest Criteria • Pilot Community Update • Break (if necessary) • Q & A with State Panel • One on One discussions (if needed)

  4. Critical third year. • Big Picture thinking in a targeted area. • We are investors and partners. • Community readiness.

  5. Indiana Department of Transportation INDOT

  6. Kathy Eaton-McKalip Director of LPA, MPO and Grant Administration 317-234-5142 Robert Zier Director of Multimodal 317-233-2376 Ann Bishop Grants and Special Initiatives Coordinator 317-234-7935

  7. INDOT Projects • Local communities and public agencies face a variety of capital program improvement needs; the Stellar Communities addresses those needs on a condensed schedule. • The Local Public Agency or Local Unit of Government creates a wish list; these projects must be completed within the three year period. • Include in the Letter of Interest a list of “doable” projects • The projects should have public support. • Projects should not have environmental or right of way issues that can’t be resolved and constructed within the program’s timeframe.

  8. Things to think about…… • Work with your INDOT District to help assess a project’s schedule. • Start the projects that will take more time, first. • Construction will generally start in the second and third years. • Enjoy the transformation of your community.

  9. Issues to avoid…. • Thinking too big; too many projects in the plan to complete or that • have too many hurdles. • Spreading the projects throughout the community. • Choosing maintenance projects that won’t transform the community, • i.e. No one will be able to tell a significant difference after the three • years of investment.

  10. Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority

  11. Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority Strategic Priorities Comprehensive Community Development Aging In Place Individual Self Sufficiency High Performance Building Ending Homeless

  12. Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority

  13. Introduction • The Stellar Communities pilot program is a multi-agency partnership designed to fund comprehensive community development projects in rural Indiana communities.

  14. Program Overview • Agency Roles and Partnerships. We are investors. • Stellar Communities embodies collaborative government partnerships to successfully leverage state and federal funding from multiple agencies to undertake large-scale comprehensive community revitalization projects.  • Pilot communities will have the benefit of non- competitive funds. Please note that a pilot cannot participate in regular competitive programs during the stellar cycle • This is a fluid process with prepared communities and their vision.

  15. Stellar Communities Process • Call for Letters of Interest • Stellar Communities Informational Forum-focus on LOI. • Letter of interest submitted by March 1, 2013 • Electronic Submissions highly recommended • • Evaluations • Announcement of finalist communities (Tentative - March 15) • Chief Elected Officials of finalist communities attend a workshop (Tentative—March 21) • Finalists submit Strategic Investment Plans

  16. Stellar Communities Process • Site visits and evaluations • Possible follow-up of finalist communities • Facilitation rounds of the state team • Award announcements • Community celebrations • Follow-up with communities not selected • Three year period of construction and implementation.

  17. Program Definitions • Letter of Interest (LOI) • Criteria for LOI • Finalist Community • Strategic Investment Plan (SIP) • Site Visit • Pilot Community • Funding Platforms

  18. Stellar Community-Requirements • Must have a recent comprehensive plan (3-5yrs). • Must have documented and have demonstrated capacity to complete proposed activities—including the ability to submit a response to a Request for Proposal and in good standing. • The Letter of Interest must be signed by the Chief Elected Official. • Submit the Stellar Communities Information Sheet with the Letter of Interest.

  19. Stellar Community-Requirements • We are looking for FOUR documents on March 1! • (Electronic submissions highly encouraged) • The Completed Letter of Interest-Signed by CEO. • The Stellar Communities Information Sheet • A copy of the Adoption resolution for the comprehensive plan • A Clean 8 ½ X 11 map of your community.

  20. Letter of Interest-Criteria Letters of Interest will be evaluated based on: • Regional Value-Added Impact and future investment potential. • Reasonableness and scope of project. • Financial Capacity. • Resource Availability and leveraging of community assets and partnerships. • Coordinated approach in multi-project management and coordination . • Previous finalist with investment plans.

  21. Letter of Interest • Do not cater letter to agency funding resources. • However…cater to your community needs that mesh with the interests of the agencies. • Generally talk about potential projects and the level of readiness (ownership etc…) • Helpful to describe a targeted area of comprehensive community revitalization • Include potential complementary projects. • The letter shows a personal touch.

  22. Submit LOI’s To: PDF Format Only! Or Office of Community and Rural Affairs Stellar Communities Pilot Program Attention: Beth Dawson One North Capitol, Suite 600Indianapolis, IN 46204-2288

  23. Indiana’s First Stellar Communities • Greencastle (Putnam County) • Mayor Susan Murray • North Vernon (Jennings County) • Mayor “Soup” Campbell

  24. City of Greencastle • Revitalize courthouse square and central business district • Create pedestrian friendly residential areas • Enhance housing options - second story loft housing in commercial district and new construction in South Court neighborhood • Home owner repair and improvement • Community health initiatives, including new community health center and new trail linking community to recreational area • Technology hub/Wi-Fi bubble in commercial district

  25. City of North Vernon • Carnegie Library Restoration • Downtown Streetscapes • Historic Uptown Streetscape improvements and home owner repair improvement in the Irish Hill neighborhood • Close Short Street to construct pedestrian-friendly plaza space • Main Street Development - mixed use for both commercial and residential development.

  26. Indiana’s 2012 Pilot Communities • Delphi (Carroll County) • Mayor Randy Strasser • Princeton (Gibson County) • Mayor Robert Hurst

  27. City of Delphi • Revitalize the Delphi Opera House • Create streetscapes that connect the downtown area. • Provide façade restorations. • Downtown Loft Space. • Home owner repair and improvement. • Extend the Washington Street Gateway Trail to connect the historic canal center to downtown and the southern gateway. • Quiet Zone Improvements

  28. City of Princeton • Restoration of Downtown facades. • Preservation of the Historic Princeton Theatre. • Creation of Bicentennial Plaza • Downtown streetscape enhancements. • Downtown Senior Housing cottages. • Enhancement of the trail system to provide connectivity throughout the city. • Partnership with Toyota Manufacturing

  29. Principal Contacts Ann Bishop-INDOT 317.234.7935 Carmen Lethig-IHCDA 317.234.6290 Michael Thissen-OCRA 317.509.0657

  30. Q&A

  31. Thank you!