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world war i n.
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World War I

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World War I
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World War I

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  1. World War I

  2. The 4 MAIN causes of WWI M A I N Military Expansion Alliances Imperialism Nationalism

  3. Militarism M Great Britain Russia When a government’s predominant interest is to build up its military strength, ideals, organizations, and even spirit

  4. Alliances Triple Alliance Triple Entente A • Form for protection and to keep balance of power • Germany • Austria-Hungary • Italy • Great Britain • France • Russia

  5. Imperialism I Is a policy by which one country takes control of another land or country

  6. Nationalism N Germany United States The belief in national unity and sometimes racial supremacy In time nations would begin to think their nation was superior and deserved to conquer others

  7. 4 Causes • M • A • I • N • Militarism • Alliances • Imperialism • Nationalism

  8. Start of World War I • “The Spark” • Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand • Heir to throne of Austria-Hungary • by a Serbian Militarism Alliances Imperialism Nationalism The Grey is the Triple Entente The Red is the Triple Alliance Serbia

  9. Trench Warfare Each side is at a ‘stalemate’ and both sides fight from and live in trenches Inventions??? and problems???

  10. Why the US joined the war How did the US start the war? Neutral but shipped goods to the Triple Entente (Great Britain, France and Russia) Waited for 3 years until they joined the Triple Entente 4 events brought the US to join the war

  11. Sinking of the Lusitania 128 Americans die A U-boat is a German Submarine used to sink boats going to France and England A U-boat sinks the passenger ship Lusitania 1,247 three inch shells 4,927 cartridges 2,000 cases of small ammo

  12. Zimmerman Telegram • German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman sends a message to Mexico

  13. German Aggression at Sea Triple Alliance Germany began sinking US merchant ships in the Atlantic Seen as reason for immediate Triple Entente

  14. Russian Revolution Revolutionaries overthrew the monarchy and set up a temporary democracy Why is that important? “to make the world safe for democracy” to try to get more people to join the army

  15. US in the War With fresh troops and supplies the US attack They do not build trenches but have heavy fighting With Great Britain and France the force Germany to sign a Peace treaty called… An Armistice or truce

  16. Cost of War Money and Lives • All nations spend 186 billion dollars • 20 million soldiers die • 10 million civilians die Politically Because the US had so much trouble recruiting soldiers, all men between 21 and 30 in the US had to register for the draft

  17. Social Changes Germany – is blamed for everything and has to pay war reparations A global depression hits and the stock market crash sends the US into the Great Depression While all this happen a new political group called the Third Reich led by Adolf Hitler take power in Germany

  18. Social Changes Many jobs are now open to women and blacks 100,000 women work in military and steel factories 500,000 blacks moved to North and get jobs in factories

  19. Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points 14) End secret alliances Freedom of the seas in peace and war Removal of economic trade barriers Reduction of national armaments Colonial arrangements respecting the will of the people involved - 13)Self-determination – allows ethnic groups to form governments free from rule Establishment of a League of Nations Knowing what we know about MAIN and how the US came into WWI, how could WWI be prevented from happening again?

  20. League of Nations Many Nations around the world would join the league except… THE UNITED STATES!!!! President Wilson proposed it but Congress and the people believed in… ISOLATIONISM The League is not powerful Enough to do anything without The US