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  1. Gender Sarah, Maggie, Imana, Aaliyah, Noah

  2. Fun Facts • Only 11% of American engineers, 25% of American doctors, and some 29% of country’s lawyers and judges are women • Almost one in six women age 75 or older live in poverty • Today women make up 57% of the college students and graduate courses. • In the 1970’s only 16% of college athletes are women, and today women make up 40%.

  3. Gender- Definition • Comprises the behavioral and psychological traits considered appropriate for men and women.

  4. Gender Roles and Identity • Gender Roles- societies have different norms of how women and women should act • For example- Women are generally assigned child care and domestic duties and Men often provide economic support and safety • Gender Identity- the awareness of being masculine or feminine as those traits are defined by culture

  5. Gender Roles and Identity • Gender roles differ as you look at different societies • For example- In New Guinea it is common for men to wear make up and do their hair. Their also expected to be passive and emotionally war. The women are more masculine and aggressive

  6. Gender Socialization • In the United States a person’s gender role is often reinforced at birth. • Gender typing is not as wide spread as it was 20-30 years ago, change is more evident in the treatment of girls.

  7. Gender Inequality in the U.S • Less than 150 years ago, women had very few right and very few opportunities • For example- Women were not able to vote until 1920 when the 19th amendment was passed. (women’s suffrage) • Education- Prior to 1979 women were under represented among college student.

  8. Working Women • Wage Gap- In the 1960’s female workers earned between 58 and 61 cents per dollar earned by males. • Today they earn 73 cents per dollar earned by males. • Glass Ceiling- The invisible barrier that prevents women from gaining upper level positions in business. The number of women in full time executive, administrative, and managerial positions is increasing. • Married women at work face particular kind of gender inequalities. After their day at work they also have household duties. For example- Cooking, cleaning, and childcare • (This is called second shift)

  9. Women in Politics • There is STILL no women that has been elected president. • Women are under represented in government. • Only 14% of the US congress is women, and 13% of senators and close to 14% of representatives.

  10. Law & Order SVU We are now going to show an episode of Law and Order SVU. We decided to show this because of the crimes against women depicted in this show. They are not always about women being the victim, however they usually are.

  11. Law & Order SVU While you are watching take notes on the gender roles portrayed in the show. Ex: The women who was raped seems very fragile, needy, and weak. The man cop saved the day.

  12. Law & Order SVU After the show is over we will discuss what you wrote down, and take any questions that you may have to conclude the lesson.