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  1. Welcome Emily Mattiussi – EWB Challenge Manager, Engineers Without Borders UK

  2. MISSION: To empower human development through engineering VISION: A world where everyone has access to the engineering they need for a life free from poverty

  3. Student Membership: 5,500 34 Student Branches around the UK Contact: [Student branch email] Membership

  4. International Partnerships

  5. Learning

  6. Global Challenges 828M people live in slums 884M people lack access to clean water 1.3B people lack access to reliable electricity 1.5B people have inadequate shelter 2.6B people lack access to basic sanitation

  7. How Can Engineering Solve These Challenges?

  8. Sustainability: • Sustainable use of natural resources and minimise any impact to the local environment, biodiversity or global climate. • Appropriate Technology: • Adapting existing low risk technology and apply modern engineering methods

  9. Active Partnerships: • Building long term relationships and work in collaboration with communities and local organisations • People Participation: • Demand-led development and participatory change

  10. Holistic Engineering Working with aninterdisciplinary approach thattakes into consideration the local knowledge, economy, culture and environment.

  11. Started in 2007 18,000 students 84% of accredited engineering programs

  12. Produce engineering graduates who have an increased awareness of their individual responsibility as global citizens and as engineers Better prepare engineering undergraduates for increasingly international industry, in particular where it affects the lives of disadvantaged communities in developing countries Help our community partner organisations achieve their poverty reduction goals in developing countries and thereby alleviate the suffering of impoverished people

  13. Divided into communes Main transport through canals Main communication through loudspeakers

  14. Housing Design and Construction Energy Water and Sanitation Transportation ICT Waste Management Design Areas

  15. CHALLENGE FINAL Five teams from [university] entered into the National Competition The Finals will be in June 2013 Prizes may included fully-funded placements at EWB Summer Schools, training courses, bursaries for resource libraries… Judged on non-technical criteria

  16. RESOURCES • EWB Australia Website • • Videos and multimedia • Data • Discussion Forum • EWB UK Website •

  17. Questions?