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Technology & Methods Seminar PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology & Methods Seminar

Technology & Methods Seminar

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Technology & Methods Seminar

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  1. Technology & Methods Seminar “Give the Pipette a Rest: Automated Services Provided by Molecular Biology” Karen Staehling-Hampton Dan Bradford Thursday, November 30th, 1:00 p.m. Classroom (1st floor, Administration Building) Schedule with abstracts and previous presentation slides can be found on: K:\Weekly Seminar Schedule\Thursday -- Technology & Methods Information regarding previous seminars can be found at:

  2. Introduction to the Stowers Research Wiki A Documentation & Collaboration tool Gaye Hattem Technology & Methods Seminar 10-26-2006

  3. What are Wikis Used For? Wikipedia - encyclopedia • Knowledgebase • Collaboration tool • Documentation tool • Project management • Tutorials & help documents OpenWetWare – sharing of lab protocols AAA Wiki – Assembly, Alignment and Annotation of Drosophila genomes R Wiki – R software for statistical computing

  4. What is a wiki? A wiki is a web site where pages can be edited directly within a browser ‘wiki text’ is converted to HTML and displayed as a web page

  5. Advantages Everyone can create and edit pages Creating and editing pages is simple and quick A simple way for groups to shares notes and ideas Easy to maintain Disadvantages Everyone can create and edit pages Formatting options are more limited than HTML Wikis are best suited to simple web pages Wikis lack structure Should you use a wiki page?

  6. Stowers Web Sites

  7. Which type of web site do I need?

  8. Which type of web site do I need?

  9. Stowers Web Sites

  10. Stowers Research Wiki • Purpose – to be used by labs and support facilities as an internal communication tool • Other Stowers wikis: • http://wiki/general (links to other wikis) • http://wiki/it (IT FAQs and user guides) • Private wikis (IT) http://wiki/research

  11. Group Wiki Page: Bioinformatics • Description & contact information • Announcements & meeting schedule • Links to wiki pages for individuals • Documentation of available resources • Software • Databases • Application servers • FAQs • Technical notes • Online discussions

  12. Documentation: Scientific Software • Documentation of available software • Tutorials, manuals and other sources of help documents • Links to additional information

  13. Technical Notes: IT • Documentation of available software • Technical notes and tips

  14. Methods: Molecular Biology • Documentation of available resources • Detailed description of methods • Links to additional information

  15. Project Pages:Microarray • Share project notes within lab or with other labs/groups • Pages can be open access or restricted by user login • Document methods and tips for other lab members • Common area to post and summarize results • Individuals can post comments and discuss project • Make sure you have the approval of your PI or managing director to post information to the wiki

  16. Individual Home Pages • Contact information • Presentations • Project links • Technical notes

  17. Creating a Wiki Page 1. Type new page name into address bar 2. Select an empty page or a page template 3. Edit your new page in text mode …or in GUI mode 4. Save your new page We suggest you login when you create or edit pages although this is not currently required

  18. Editing Wiki Text = A Simple Wiki Example = This is an example of a simple wiki page. '''bold text''', ''italic text'' [[TableOfContents]] == Links to wiki pages == * MolecularBiology * ["Microarray"] * [:Bioinformatics/ScientificSoftware: Scientific Software] == Links to web pages == * [http://biosphere Biosphere] * attachment:SIMRlogo.gif

  19. Using the GUI Editor GUI Toolbar Key Heading Formats Macros Bulleted List Links Select Macro Create a list Create a link Horizontal Rule Image Attach File Table

  20. Make Your Pages Easy to Navigate • Use headings and table of contents on longer pages • If your pages get too long consider making subpages to break up your topic • Create navigation bars on subpages to make it easy to return to the previous page • Create manual or automated lists of related pages to group pages by topic • Wiki pages are always searchable by title or text

  21. Organizing Wiki Pages

  22. Wiki Tips • Determine what type of information you want to convey and to whom • Decide how organized you want your pages to be • If you want an organized site create an outline or 'storyboard' of your main pages • Keep it simple • Encourage group editing of pages (wikis are for collaborating)

  23. Need More Help? • Basic Introduction: http://wiki/research/WikiCourse/BasicIntroduction • Read the help pages: http://wiki/research/HelpContents • Email: HelpBioinfo for individual help • Tutorial on creating and editing wiki pages – coming in November

  24. Computational Tools & Techniques Seminar Series • Monthly seminar with tutorials on software, analysis techniques & statistical methods • Need feedback about topic suggestions • List of current suggestions: http://wiki/research/Bioinformatics/CompToolsSeminar • Please leave your requests for the topics you would most like to see us cover • Feel free to edit the wiki page and add your own topics