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Technology Education PowerPoint Presentation
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Technology Education

Technology Education

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Technology Education

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  1. Technology Education Technical Vocabulary Created by Daryn Morris

  2. Audio Broadcasting CADD CG&A CNC Lathe CNC Mill Computer Technology Digital Design Dig. Transportation Digital Video Electronics Engineering Bridges Flight Technology Light & Lasers Practical Skills Research & Design Robots Orientation Modules Created by Daryn Morris

  3. Amplitude Antenna Audio Communication Data Decibel Format Microphone Mixer Radio Radio Wave Receiver Synthesizer Transmitter Audio Broadcasting Created by Daryn Morris

  4. Diameter Horizontal Lines Orthographic Projection Vertical Lines Angle Dimension Parallel Lines CADD Drafting Object Lines Perpendicular Lines Radius CADD Created by Daryn Morris

  5. Animation Bug Chip Cyberspace Fractal Hardware Interactive Microprocessor Morph Optical Disk Pixel Resolution Stop-motion Animation Virtual Reality Virus CG&A Created by Daryn Morris

  6. CNC Cartesian Coordinate System “G” Codes Finishing Cuts Tool Path Chuck Rapid Traverse Feed Rate Spindle Roughing Cuts Counter Clockwise Tolerance Automation CAM Axis CNC Lathe Created by Daryn Morris

  7. CNC Cartesian Coordinate System Primary Processes Secondary Processes Three Dimensional Billet Rapid Traverse Feed Rate Spindle Speed Spindle Specifications Tolerance Automation Prototype Axis CNC Mill Created by Daryn Morris

  8. Computer ENIAC Central Processing Unit Input Device Electrostatic Discharge Keyboard Mouse Operating System RAM ROM USB Port Expansion Card Computer Virus Microprocessor Computer Technology Created by Daryn Morris

  9. Logo Balance Proportion Symmetrical Asymmetrical Formal Balance Informal Balance Rhythm Complimentary Colors Axis Color Wheel Contrasting Colors Harmony Contrast Unity Digital Design Created by Daryn Morris

  10. Navigation Prime Meridian Equator Binary Trilateration Transportation Itinerary Global Positioning Longitude Latitude Elevation Interstate Route Compass Digital Transportation Created by Daryn Morris

  11. Animation Chroma Keying Clip Cut Dissolve Editing Frame Frame Rate Post-production Pre-production Production SMPTE Time Code Storyboard Transition Digital Video Created by Daryn Morris

  12. Capacitor Circuit Circuit Board Light-Emitting Diode Ohm Resistance Resistor Schematic Solder Voltage Electronics Created by Daryn Morris

  13. Abutment Arch Civil Engineer Compression Keystone Span Substructure Superstructure Suspension Structure Tension Truss Engineering Bridges Created by Daryn Morris

  14. Aileron Altitude Bearing Drag Elevators Equilibrium Fuselage Heading Latitude Lift Longitude Rudder Thrust Mach I Mach II Flight Technology Created by Daryn Morris

  15. Visible Light Electromagnetic Spectrum Laser Refraction Reflection Magnification Photon Lens Infrared Light Ultraviolet Light Wavelength Frequency Convex Lens Concave Lens Light & Lasers Created by Daryn Morris

  16. Wattage Wrought Iron Inert Fastener Soil Stack Wheel and Axle Plumbing Lever Metric System Filament Tolerance DWV System English Units of Measurement Pre-fabricate Kilowatt Practical Skills Created by Daryn Morris

  17. Aerodynamics CO2 Drag Limitations Pattern Prototype Sketch Streamline Thumbnail Tolerance Research & Design Created by Daryn Morris

  18. Automation Axis Cartesian Coordinate System End Effecter Programming (Robots) Remote Control Repetitive Teach Pendant Work Envelope Labor or Slave Robot Robots Created by Daryn Morris

  19. Session Module Guide Post Test Enrichments Test Review Rotation Module PIN Workstation Personal Step Student Portfolio Agent Student Tip Orientation F5 key and F8 key Orientation Created by Daryn Morris

  20. Abutment a mass, as of masonry, receiving the arch, beam, truss, etc., at each end of a bridge. Created by Daryn Morris

  21. Aerodynamics • the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of air and other gases and with the effects of such motion on bodies in the medium. Created by Daryn Morris

  22. Agent • Icon that student must click when working in modules to access a third party software. • Example: Use 3D Home Architect program in the CADD station. Created by Daryn Morris

  23. Aileron • Either of two movable flaps on the wings of an airplane that can be used to control the plane's rolling and banking movements. Created by Daryn Morris

  24. Altitude Created by Daryn Morris

  25. Automation • a mechanical device, operated electronically, that functions automatically, without continuous input from an operator. Created by Daryn Morris

  26. Amplitude • the maximum deviation of an alternating current from its average value. Created by Daryn Morris

  27. Angle • the space within two lines or three or more planes diverging from a common point, or within two planes diverging from a common line. Created by Daryn Morris

  28. Animation • The creation of artificial moving images. The process of preparing animated cartoons. Created by Daryn Morris

  29. Antenna • an electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals Created by Daryn Morris

  30. Arch • a curved masonry construction for spanning an opening, consisting of a number of wedge like stones, bricks, or the like, set with the narrower side toward the opening in such a way that forces on the arch are transmitted as vertical or oblique stresses on either side of the opening. Created by Daryn Morris

  31. Asymmetrical • not identical on both sides of a central line; unsymmetrical; lacking symmetry Created by Daryn Morris

  32. Audio • of, pertaining to, or employed in the transmission, reception, or reproduction of sound. Created by Daryn Morris

  33. Axis • a line about which a three-dimensional body or figure is symmetrical. • any line used as a fixed reference in conjunction with one or more other references for determining the position of a point or of a series of points forming a curve or a surface. Created by Daryn Morris

  34. Balance • composition or placement of elements of design, as figures, forms, or colors, in such a manner as to produce an aesthetically pleasing or harmoniously integrated whole. Created by Daryn Morris

  35. Bearing • to tend in a course or direction; move; go: to bear west; to bear left at the fork in the road. Created by Daryn Morris

  36. Billet • A small, usually rectangular bar of iron or steel in an intermediate stage of manufacture. Created by Daryn Morris

  37. Binary • consisting of, indicating, or involving two. Created by Daryn Morris

  38. Bug • a defect or imperfection, as in a mechanical device, computer program, or plan; glitch Created by Daryn Morris

  39. CADD • Acronym meaning Computer Aided Drafting & Design. The method used by modern day drafters, architects and engineers to complete floor plans and mechanical drawings. Created by Daryn Morris

  40. CAM • Computer Aided Manufacturing. A system that uses computer technology in the management and control of manufacturing operations. Created by Daryn Morris

  41. Capacitor • a device for accumulating and holding a charge of electricity, consisting of two equally charged conducting surfaces having opposite signs and separated by a dielectric. Created by Daryn Morris

  42. Cartesian Coordinate System A coordinate system in which the coordinates of a point are its distances from a set of perpendicular lines that intersect at an origin, such as two lines in a plane or three in space. Created by Daryn Morris

  43. Central Processing Unit An integrated circuit; the part of a computer that interprets and executes instructions. Created by Daryn Morris

  44. Chip • Also called microchip. Electronics. a tiny slice of semi-conducting material, generally in the shape of a square a few millimeters long, cut from a larger wafer of the material, on which a transistor or an entire integrated circuit is formed. Created by Daryn Morris

  45. Chroma Keying • A chroma key is the removal of a color (or small color range) from one image to reveal another image "behind" it. The removed color becomes transparent. This technique is also referred to as "color keying", "color-separation overlay" "greenscreen" and "bluescreen". It is commonly used for weather forecast broadcasts. The presenter appears to be standing in front of a large map, but in the studio it is actually a large blue or green background. Created by Daryn Morris

  46. Chuck • a device for centering and clamping work in a lathe or other machine tool. Created by Daryn Morris

  47. Circuit • Also called electric circuit. the complete path of an electric current, including the generating apparatus, intervening resistors, or capacitors. Created by Daryn Morris

  48. Circuit Board • a sheet of insulating material used for the mounting and interconnection (often by a printed circuit) of components in electronic equipment. Created by Daryn Morris

  49. Civil Engineer • a person who designs public works, as roads, bridges, canals, dams, and harbors, or supervises their construction or maintenance. Created by Daryn Morris

  50. Clip Created by Daryn Morris