Using technology to make effective presentations
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Using Technology to Make Effective Presentations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using Technology to Make Effective Presentations. Ray Doiron University of Prince Edward Island. Topics of Discussion Today. Principles of Effective Presentations Using Technology to Prepare Presentations Using Technology to Give Presentations. What are Informative Presentations?.

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Using technology to make effective presentations

Using Technology to Make Effective Presentations

Ray Doiron

University of Prince Edward Island

Topics of discussion today
Topics of Discussion Today

  • Principles of Effective Presentations

  • Using Technology to Prepare Presentations

  • Using Technology to Give Presentations

What are informative presentations
What are Informative Presentations?

  • times you want to increase learners’ knowledge about a subject

  • times you want learners’ to learn more about an issue or idea

  • times you want learners’ to take some action based on information

  • We say ... teach, tell, explain, describe, lecture, present...

Successful informative presentations
Successful Informative Presentations . . .

  • Create a desire for the information ... arouse interest ... anticipatory set

  • Help learners’ understand ... variety of techniques or principles.

  • Help learners’ remember ... variety of techniques and principles.

  • Invite learners’ to apply the information... suggested action/follow-up

Principles of learning
Principles of Learning

  • Build on the known ... move from the familiar to unfamiliar.

  • Avoid information overload ... Use 7 +/- 2 rule.

  • Move from simple to complex ... Use examples that connect to learners.

  • Give learners an organizational framework... jigsaw puzzle.

  • Use a variety of channels.

Structuring your presentation
Structuring your Presentation

  • Past, present and future

  • Pros and cons/ Cause and effects

  • Problems and Prospects/ Trends and issues

  • Concentric circles ... main points proceed from immediate to universal

  • Domains ... develop the different spheres touched by the topic

Helping learners understand
Helping Learners Understand

  • Use organizers...

  • Use emphasis cues ...

  • Use examples liberally.

  • Use analogies.

  • Use repetition. Use repetition.

  • Use a variety of channels along with the oral....

Remember . . .

  • Planning and organization are crucial.

  • Connect the subject with the learner.

  • Keep the learner in the know about --- why we are doing this; what is it we have to learn; and where will we apply this information.

Using technology
Using Technology

  • Technology used in Preparation of Presentations

  • Technology used in the Delivery of Presentations

Preparing effective presentations
Preparing Effective Presentations

  • Remember the principles of effective presentations

  • Visual Organizers

  • Desk-top Publishing

  • Presentation Programs

Delivering effective presentations
Delivering Effective Presentations

  • Overhead Projector -- faithful, trusted, versatile

  • Visual presenter -- Technomerge

  • Data Projection -- LCD panel

  • Integrated Multimedia -- The Technology Classroom

And so
And so . . .

  • Start by using the technologies for the preparation of your presentations ... word-processing.

  • Use what you have to its fullest potential.

  • Choose integrated multi-purpose tools.

  • Remember Murphy’s Law.

A closing thought on technology
A Closing Thought on Technology

  • “The use of technology should not drive the vision. The vision should drive the use of technology.” (Surgenor, 1993; p. 83)