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  1. Haiti Relief By: Joana Rosas, Magaly Santiago, & Marcelino Perez

  2. How would you feel living under these conditions?

  3. The Issue Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas People live under extreme poverty Lack of basic needs for example, shelter Homes in Haiti are in a horrible condition, people live in unsanitary conditions, they have no privacy. The 2010 earthquake made everything worse. Homes destroyed in Haiti by the devastating earthquake.

  4. Give a home to a needed family. • Let the victims know that we do care. • Because we could actually see where is the money going is to • We would like to see something being built instead of donating the money to red cross and let them being in charge of the donation and never actually • Having a shelter is a basic need without it we cant live a healthy life • During a period of 4 months we could fund raise the amount of money needed to built a home. • We are vulnerable to earthquakes and we would like to get help in case we are under the same situation Why did you choose this issue? Why is it important to your group? The San Andreas Fault in California

  5. Action Plan • Fundraise $600 in order to build a home. • Spread awareness throughout our community and our campus. • Maintain contact with Lynne Mangione and with the Haitian Health Foundation. • Sell “bricks” in order to show the collaboration of people. “Together For Haiti” --------------------------------- Contributed to building a new home. I made a DIFFERENCE!!

  6. Action tools We Also communicated with our fellow peers at AJR. We contacted the Haitian Health Foundation Our mentor for social action project Dr. Pawinski Posted posters around the campus Promoted donation by posting peoples name on a “ brick”

  7. Campus & Community Outreach • Lynne Mangione from the Haitian Health Foundation. “Together For Haiti” ---------------------------- Contributed to building a new home. I made a DIFFERENCE!! Happy house Program!!! • A brick represents the person’s commitment by donating to the cause. More than half of the school pupil participated. Thank you..

  8. Inspiring Activist Our motto is “brick by brick for Haiti” • When the Levees Broke, people in New Orleans, Louisiana trying to overcome the failure of the levees during Hurricane Katrina. • Paper Clip Project, a school collected 6 million paperclips to represent the victims of the Holocaust

  9. difficulties • We went through a lot of obstacles in order for us to succeed in our plan • The timing that we had didn’t let us do much more that we liked to do • We had a lot of trouble speaking out to people • We thought we were going to get rejected and that people wouldn’t participate. • Asking people for money

  10. Students and teachcers taking action

  11. Looking Ahead! • We will continue to be activists because we plan on joining an organization that helps victims recover from natural disaster, such as The Red Cross.

  12. What we learned: The world will always need people’s generosity Not be a bystander and let people suffer, instead be an up stander We are always going try to help people who are in need Be active in any kind of humanitarian support because everyday people lack the basics needed to survive while we have an over abundance

  13. RESULTS: how much $ we raised So far we raised around raised around 500 dollars Our goal was to raise 600 dollars We are county this Friday’s donation to hit our objective