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  1. Haiti By: Morgan and Baxter

  2. Top 3 Animals • The Monkey: Monkeys have an IQ of 174 • The Mongoose: Can range from the seven inch long Dwarf Mongoose to the two foot long Egyptian Mongoose. • Camels: A camel can travel long distances which allow them to take advantage of their minimum resources.

  3. Haiti pictures Port Au Prince is the capital of Haiti and is the largest city that has than more than 3,000,000 people. The second larges in Haiti. It is a bay located on the northern coast of the country. Milot is a town in the Nord Department of Haiti. It’s 12 miles south of Cap Haitian.

  4. Authors • EdwidgeDanitcat has many novels like Breath, Memory, and the farming of the bones. • LilasDesquiron has only one book but it’s a novel and it’s called Reflection of Loko Miwa. • The last author we’re doing is YanickLahens. He also has only one book that’s called Aunt Resia and the Spirits of other Stories.

  5. Government • Haiti has a Democracy government. • Governing power is derived from the people. • The term comes from the Greek word Demokratia. • There several verities of Democracy, some of which provide better representation and more freedom for their citizens.

  6. Cities • Three cities in Haiti are Port-Au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, and Gonaives.

  7. Culture Facts • Haiti was the first black republic in modern times. • The country’s longevity as an independent nation in the Western Hemisphere is the second only to that of the United States. • Haitian rural society is predominately made up of subsistence farmers who rent or own a small plot of land and cultivate beans, sweet potatoes, and other crops using labor- intensive technology.

  8. Tourist attractions • Petionville is the best place in Haiti to sightsee. It is located in Port-Au-Prince. • Another popular place to go in Haiti is the Barbancourt Rum Distellery. • The third and final place in Musee De Guahaba which has many musiems that you can visit.

  9. Geography • Haiti is a country of only about 28,000 square kilometers, about the same size of Maryland. • Haiti is shaped like a horseshoe on its side. • The mainland of Haiti has three regions: the northern region, the central region and the southern region.

  10. Facts • The capital of Haiti is Port-Au-Prince. • Haiti is about the size of Maryland.

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