let s visit india n.
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Let’s Visit INDIA PowerPoint Presentation
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Let’s Visit INDIA

Let’s Visit INDIA

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Let’s Visit INDIA

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  1. Let’s VisitINDIA

  2. Where in the world is India?

  3. India is in Southern Asia India is the 7th largest country in the world. The capital of India is New Delhi. India is about 1/3 the size of the United States. Hinduism is the most popular religion.

  4. What is India like?

  5. India has mountains, plains, beaches, and deserts. The Thar Desert The weather is hot in Southern and Central India. The Himalayan Mountains The weather is cold in the North. Anjuna, Baga, and Dona Paula Beaches The coast has tropical weather. Anadh, East Bhagirath, and Chhattisgarh Plains

  6. Indian Clothing • Cotton is grown in India and used to make clothes. On special occasions, women wear saris. Men wear the dhoti. Both are pieces of cloth wrapped around their body. On normal days, girls wear cotton pants or skirts and the boys wear shorts and shirts.

  7. Games • Children in India play games that are like the games in America. The game kallaata is like jacks. Paandi is played like hopscotch. They also play a game with a long and short stick called gulli-danda

  8. Music • There are many different types of instruments in India. There are drums that are played by hand and others played with sticks. Flutes are made of bamboo. A sitar is a string instrument that looks like a long banjo. The jaltarang is an instrument made of 13 glasses filled with different amounts of water. Music is made by hitting the water glasses with two wooden sticks.

  9. Plants Moldenke: a common bushy shrub used to relieve itching The Flame of the Forest tree has twisted trunks and branches. It has bright orange flowers. It is used to make gum and also treat diahorrea. Bhodi tree

  10. AnimalsIndia is the home of hundreds of animals and thousands of birds. The varied climate and landscape make it an ideal place for the wildlife. Asian elephants have small ears. Bengal Tiger: India’s National Animal The Indian rhinoceros has only one horn.

  11. Food Some people in India think the cow is a holy animal. They don’t eat beef. Pork comes from pigs. Some people in India are not allowed to eat pork because of their religion. Most of the people in India are vegetarians. They eat only vegetables. The food is very spicy.

  12. DivaliAn autumn festival held for two days in October or November, Divali is a celebration of good over evil. It is held during the new moon so the night is nearly pitch black. People buy new clothes and decorate their homes with flowers and candles made of baked mud. The candles are put in every windowsill and roof. At night, they have huge firework displays.

  13. Language India is made up of many states. Many different languages are spoken in these states, but the national language is Hindi This is the Hindi word, Namaste, which means I greet you. It is said with hands together and your head bowed.

  14. India is a land of culture and history. It is a land that is different from other places in the world. It is also a land that is like other places in the world. India is growing as a vacation spot in Asia. It offers sandy beaches, mountain climbing, and white water rafting….much like some of the areas in the United States. With its differences and likenesses to other places in the world, India is a very interesting land.