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India –emerging superpower

India –emerging superpower. Vishwas Acharya AAEE001. ANCIENT INDIA. From the ancient age INDIA was the GOLDEN BIRD Once again INDIA started his progress from late 20 th century. RAJIV GANDHI. First INDIAN to give the concept of technology. INDIA LEADS IN THE PROGRESS. ECONOMY

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India –emerging superpower

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  1. India –emerging superpower VishwasAcharya AAEE001

  2. ANCIENT INDIA From the ancient age INDIA was the GOLDEN BIRD Once again INDIA started his progress from late 20th century

  3. RAJIV GANDHI First INDIAN to give the concept of technology


  5. TECHNOLOGY In the future, the world is expected to enter the renewable energy age or fusion age, if and whenever the technology becomes economically sustainable.

  6. ECONOMY Economic Growth - India's current economic growth (as the world's second-fastest growing major economy) has improved its standing on the world's political stage,even though it is still a developing country, but one that is showing strong development. Many nations are moving to forge better relationship with India.

  7. Economic growth India's current economic growth has improved its standing on the world's political stage ,even though it is still a developing country.


  9. DEFENCE • The Indian Armed Forces, India's main defenceoorganisation, consists of two main branches: the Military of India and the Indian Paramilitary Forces. • The Military of India maintains the third largest active duty force in the world after the People's Republic of China and the United States, while the Indian Paramilitary Forces. • Combined, the total armed forces of India are 2,414,700 strong, the world's second largest defence force. The Indian Air Force is the fourth largest air force in the world

  10. Army Today, the Indian Army is the world's third largest army after China's People's Liberation Army and the United States Army.

  11. Nuclear weapons • India possesses nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them over long distances. • However, India is not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) because of security concerns and India condemns the NPT as discriminatory.

  12. BECOMING A SUPERPOWER IN INTERNATIONAL POLITICS • India has been pressing for permanent membership of the Security Council • It has received backing from the UK , France and Russia but without veto ability. • However, China and the U.S have not been supportive of the bid. With improved Indo-US relations, the US is expected by some to reconsider its stand.



  15. OBSTACLES Economic Obstacles * Poverty - As of 2002, but no longer the case, India is home to the largest number of people living under two dollars a day (approx 25% of the population. living under the poverty line) . Poverty also begets child labour .

  16. HINDRANCES • Low Literacy - As per the 2001 India census, the national literacy is only 65.2 per cent University of Hamburg, even though the literacy rate in some states like Kerala, Mizoram and Goa is above 85% Indian Census. Literacy drive is spreading slowly to other states . At current rates India will take no less than 20 years for a literacy of 95% New Scientist.

  17. Solutions • In every field role of youth is most important • Politics being one of the most biggest hindrance role of youth in politics is the most essential factor • Politicins like Rahul Gandhi,Omar Abdullah and others indeed provide a great inspiration to the youths

  18. The youth power

  19. The end

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