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Korea and the World (2) 한국과 세계 Korea in the World

Korea and the World (2) 한국과 세계 Korea in the World. 2010. 9. 7. 김 병 구 (BK Kim) bkkim9@konyang.ac.kr 010-2684-8447. This Week in Brief. 한중일 ‘ 얼음 녹는 ’ 북극해 관심 수에즈 운하 대신 북극 항로 (6~7,000km 단축 지구 온난화 현상 한국 , 북극이사회 가입 추진중 한미 서해에서 대규모 연합대잠수함 훈련 북한에 강력한 억제 메시지 대화 / 제재 two track

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Korea and the World (2) 한국과 세계 Korea in the World

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  1. Korea and the World(2)한국과 세계Korea in the World 2010. 9. 7. 김병구 (BK Kim) bkkim9@konyang.ac.kr 010-2684-8447

  2. This Week in Brief • 한중일 ‘얼음 녹는’ 북극해 관심 • 수에즈 운하 대신 북극 항로 (6~7,000km 단축 • 지구 온난화 현상 • 한국, 북극이사회 가입 추진중 • 한미 서해에서 대규모 연합대잠수함 훈련 • 북한에 강력한 억제 메시지 • 대화/제재 two track • 삼성/도시바, Apple iPad에 도전장 • Galaxy Tab, Polio 100 출시, apps 확대 관건

  3. Korean Land Space • Area: 110,000 + 150,000 km**2 • Population: 5000 + 2500 + 500만 • 1.3% of 6 billion world population • 1/15 of China, ¼ of US, ½ of Japan • Language: Ural-Altaic group Finland, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan Alphabet: Hangul Only invented phonetic symbol

  4. Korean Presence in History • Far eastern end of the SilkRoad • Koguryo, Unified Shilla trade with the West • Shilla monk Hyecho • 8 c. travel record of India, C. Asia‘왕오천축국전’ • Shilla tycoon Chang Bogo(청해진에서 신라방까지) • 9c. controlled NE Asia sea trade • Tang general Kosunji conquered C. Asia • 8c. Silk Road 개척, paper technology

  5. Peak PeriodSilkRoad (8c.)Rome-Istanbul-Baghdad-Samar Cant- 장안-경주

  6. 20th Century History • 1910 Japanese annexation • 1919 3.1 Movement, small nation’s indepence • 1945 Liberation(Hiroshima/Nagasaki) • 1948 N/S separate independence • S: market democracy, N: communism • GNP ~ $50/head, worst LDC 1950 Korean War, devastated peninsula

  7. 20th Century History • 1961 5.16 Revolution, 5-year Economic Develop. • 1988 Seoul Oympic • 1989 German reunification • 1991 Soviet collapse, N/S join UN • 1996 ROK joined OECD • 2002 Japan/Korea World Cup • 2009ROK joined OECD/DAC Group • 2010G20 Seoul Summit • GNP $20,000/head, 400 times GDP in 60 years • Only country to achieve democracy/economy

  8. Korean Characteristics • Race: Mongolian (blue spot) relatively “pure blood” • Religion: Buddhism, Christian liberal to outside religions • Alphabet: Hangul ideal for computerization easy to learn foreign language - Well-suited for the global world -

  9. Korean Impression • Personal: 60’s, ‘I am from Japan’ • Foreigner’s impression ‘ hard working, efficient, high-tech’ succeeded in economic + democracy develop China: economy first, democracy later • Trade with 200 nations Export: electronics, cars, ships Import: raw materials

  10. Modern Global Koreans • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon Personal history SG election (2006. 10. 9.) His achievements,Climate Change, Copenhagen 2009 Home work next week Wikipedia, Economist • WHO Director General Dr. Lee Jong-Wook Died in office during 2005 – 2007 term Served as the highest global medical position

  11. Korean Int’l Competitiveness • ‘빨리빨리 (bbali bbali)’ mentality IT nation: internet infra, high-tech • Reliable fine products, services Samsung, LG, Hyundai, etc. electronics, auto, ships • Culture products: 대장금, 겨울연가 • Character: warm hearted, flexible • Needed: foreign language, global mind

  12. Korean Attractions • Food 韓食 : well-being health food • Dress 韓服 : 치마 저고리 • Housing 韓屋 : 기와집, 초가집 • Alphabet 한글 : scientific but • Music 國樂 : 판소리, 가요 • Culture 韓流 : TV dramas

  13. ROK’s Global Position • UN Sec. Council veto powers (P5) US, RUS, UK, FRA, CPR 1945~64 NWS • Threshold states (T3) INA, PAK, ISR post-1970 NWS • Among 4 big powers US/RUS/CPR/JAP • Wisdom of SWI/AUT (强小國) Among 4 big powers UK/FRA/GER/RUS

  14. 발표 주제 • KYU’s international competitiveness?

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