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BTSA Induction Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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BTSA Induction Orientation

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BTSA Induction Orientation
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BTSA Induction Orientation

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  1. BTSA Induction Orientation Year One September 2013 Quynh Wagoner Michelle Geis Jamie Shippee

  2. SNOWBALL!! • GUIDING QUESTION: • What do you know about BTSA? • Write down 3 things that you know about BTSA • Crumple paper and throw it across the room • Pick up someone else’s snowball, read it and add a response • Repeat process • Share

  3. Who is eligible for GGUSD BTSA? • Hold preliminary credential (single subject or multiple subject) • Have not participated in BTSA before • Full time employment in GGUSD • In credentialed subject area

  4. BTSA Registration • BTSA Teachers Consent Form • 1st year participants • Follow directions • Print 2 copies of Completion Confirmation page • Submit one copy with your first FACT Completion Document. • Be sure to place one copy in your BTSA portfolio!

  5. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) • Signed agreement that you will clear your credential through Induction. • Failure to comply may result in completion of the program through the University at your expense. • Sign TWO copies- • Turn WHITE copy in to BTSA • Keep COLORED copy in your portfolio for your records

  6. MOU • Participate in a learning-focused relationship with my Support Provider, maintaining confidentiality and discretion around our conversations and work. • Come to all scheduled meetings with Support Provider fully prepared. • I understand that meetings with SP may be re-scheduled if I am unprepared. • Complete FACT, adhering to completion deadlines.

  7. MOU • Meet with my Support Provider a minimum of three hours per month. • Ensure that my schedule can accommodate meetings with my BTSA Support Provider in order to complete requirements for my clear teaching credential. (SP work day ends at 3:30p.m.) I understand these meetings may take place before and/or after school. • This will require me to make scheduling accommodations/alternative arrangements for after school programs/activities/sports.

  8. MOU • Attend the BTSA Orientation, BTSA PT/SP Collaboration Workshops, and staff development to meet my individual needs. • Check my GGUSD email daily for correspondence from the BTSA Induction office and/or my Support Provider. • Complete all state and local surveys • Meet credential renewal requirement as stated on my preliminary credential

  9. Early Completion Option (ECO) • Information available on District Website • The legislation authorizing the ECO requires the candidate to be both experienced and exceptional. • Application due by October 1, 2013

  10. Brandman University Credit • Register with University by June 30, 2014 • Three units at $50 per unit, $150 total • Submit Completion Verification Form and Certificate of Completion • Application on GGUSD BTSA website • Submit directly to Brandman University

  11. Professional Development • District • School • Induction • BTSA PT/SP Collaboration Meetings • Meets an identified need • Is applicable to your teaching assignment • Is an application of the knowledge and skills acquired in the Teacher Preparation Program • Student centered

  12. Standard 5 PEDOGOGY • Subject matter instruction • Use of data to drive instruction • Plan and differentiate instruction • Create and maintain a well-managed classroom • Plan and deliver instruction using technology • Enable students to use technology

  13. Induction Standard 6 Universal Access • English Language Learners • Special Population • Special Needs • GATE • At-Risk

  14. English Learners Plan and deliver instruction for English Learners Implement one or more components of ELD grade-level academic language instruction ELD by proficiency level, or content-based ELD Instruct EL using standards-aligned materials Differentiate instruction based on language proficiency level in English, culture, prior schooling and level of acculturation

  15. Teaching Special Populations • Adhere to legal and ethical obligations related to special populations • Communicate and collaborate with special services personnel • Provide accommodations and implement modifications • Use positive behavioral support strategies • Instruct using adopted standards-aligned materials

  16. FACT System Formative Assessment for California Teachers(FACT) System is a reflective assessment and support process designed to help participants continue their development as teachers.

  17. CONTEXT FOR TEACHING • Class, School, District, and Community • Conversation Guides • INITIAL ASSESSMENT • OF TEACHING PRACTICE • Teacher Preparation Information • CA Standards for the Teaching Profession and Induction Standards-Based • Informal Classroom Observation FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT FOR CALIFORNIA TEACHERS (FACT) Assessment Toolbox / Reflective Conversation • INQUIRY • Inquiry Focus • Action Plan • Essential Component for Instruction • Observation • Analysis of Student Work • Summative Assessment • Reflection I I P Assessment Toolbox / Reflective Conversation • SUMMARY OF TEACHING PRACTICE • Reflection on Teaching, Student and Personal Growth • Future Considerations for Study

  18. Context for Teaching

  19. Context for Teaching Overview the teaching environment and the resources and challenges it offers to the teacher and the students Collect information and discuss prompts focused on their class, school, district, and community Graduated depth and complexity of information gathering

  20. Initial Assessment of Teaching Practice

  21. Initial Assessment of Teaching Practice The outcomes and processes of the teacher preparation program with introduction to those of induction programs Use evidence gathered in a classroom observation of the participating teacher by a trained support provider Information guides participating teachers to self assess their current practice

  22. Inquiry

  23. Inquiry Guides and informs participating teachers about their own professional growth Measured by each standard of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP) and in relation to the state-adopted academic content standards and performance levels for students Collaboration between a (SP), participating teachers (PT) to assess their practice against a set of specific criteria within the research cycle

  24. Inquiry Participating teachers gather information, collaborate and/or observe a colleague, develop an action plan, implement that action plan, reflect on collected evidence and apply new learning to future practice Results are used to guide professional development On-going opportunities for participating teachers and support providers to explore the impact of instruction on student achievement

  25. Summary of Teaching Practice A holistic reflection on teaching year Review the processes that engaged in throughout the year Assessment of Teaching Practice Context for Teaching Inquiry Captures the progress made related to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession, the State-Adopted Academic Content Standards and the Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Professional Teacher Induction Programs, explored during action research.

  26. Module A • Purpose • To understand the context you are teaching in • Think about how the different dynamics of your context affects your teaching decisions • To identify and utilize the resources that are available to you in your class, school, district, and community • To determine your current application and identify areas for future application

  27. Module A: Context for Teaching

  28. Module A Context for Teaching • Class Profile • Illuminate Training • September 26 (A-Ma) • October 3 (Mi-Z) • Classroom Layout • School and District Information • Communication Log • Site Orientation Checklist • Community Map • Conversation Guides

  29. Deadline Extension Request • Submitted at least 5 days prior to due date • State circumstances for request (extra-curricular activities are not excused) • Develop a plan for completion

  30. Portfolio Setup • Evidence of BTSA program completion • Open to audit for 7 years

  31. BTSA Portfolio Set Up • 2 Inch Binder • 6 Tabs • 1) General/BTSA Documents • 2) Module A • 3) Module B • 4) Module C • 5) Module D • 6) E- Assessment Tool Box/CTP *Bring to next SP/PT Collaboration Workshop

  32. GGUSD BTSA Webpage 1. Go to GGUSD webpage 2. Click on “Departments” (don’t use the drop-down menu) 3. Click on “BTSA”

  33. Questions? Michelle Geis Jamie Shippee Quynh Vu Wagoner

  34. PT/SP Time