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Introduction to BTSA PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to BTSA

Introduction to BTSA

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Introduction to BTSA

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  1. Introduction to BTSA Stanislaus County Office of Education BTSA Induction Program

  2. Congratulations On the preliminary credential You’ll soon have!

  3. So, what’s next? First step: Find a job teaching.

  4. Next Step: Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment

  5. There are over 164 approved BTSA induction programs across the state. Some are consortiums and some are district specific. Some are locally designed, others use the state provided programs (FACT or FAS). All approved programs must meet the same BTSA Induction standards.

  6. So…who is an eligible PT (Participating Teacher)?

  7. So…who is an eligible PT (Participating Teacher)? It will say: “to renew…must complete…a Commission-approved Induction Program” on the preliminary.

  8. Early Completion Option PTs who are eligible for ECO complete the two years of BTSA in one year. District of employment decides if eligible PTs have this option.

  9. California’s Learning to Teach Continuum… Preliminary-Induction-Clear Credential

  10. The Process • Information meeting within first 120 days of hire date • Application/enrollment • Two year program • Opportunity for extension (may be at your own cost) • District Induction Program makes formal recommendation to the CCTC for CA Clear Credential

  11. Portability • 155+ BTSA Induction Programs in California • Organized into 6 Cluster Regions • Statewide Reciprocity for Completed Work • Visit to find a BTSA Induction Program near you

  12. Within first 30 days of employment: Your district will contact your local BTSA program and assign you a Support Provider (SP)

  13. Once you’re in…what then?

  14. Goals of BTSA: • Reduce ‘flee rate’ • Promote best practice • Provide academic and emotional support • Provide path to clear credential

  15. Teacher Performance Expectations (TPE) and California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP)

  16. Clear Credential Preliminary Induction

  17. Knowing where you have been helps us support you with where you are going… Let’s examine your work so far…

  18. Do this now… Save this for BTSA…

  19. So, beyond the areas you designate as growth areas… Why will you appreciate BTSA?

  20. Focus:Application, Implementation and Reflection

  21. = $ + +

  22. Role of the Support Provider (SP)

  23. CONFIDENTIALITY! What happens in BTSA, Stays in BTSA!!!! BTSA

  24. SP/PT Match-Ups If your match-up is not working, please call the BTSA director for a confidential conversation.

  25. The California ‘Six-Pack’

  26. California Induction Standards

  27. Senate Bill 1209 (SB1209): ‘Participating teachers must be allowed to complete their Induction Program within the funded two years’.

  28. Formative Assessment System Entries over two years…

  29. Formative Assessment System Proof of Best practices… Evidence of application and implementation …

  30. Formative • Examines the performance of a participating teacher over time in collaboration with a trained SP. • Summative • Determination at a certain point in time concerning a participating teacher’s performance.

  31. Beyond the Formative Assessment System… What does your support provider do for you?

  32. Dealing with Problem Parents…

  33. Dealing the COMMUNICATION

  34. Dealing with Classroom Management…

  35. Dealing with problem students…

  36. Dealing with paperwork and organization…

  37. Dealing with site-based issues…

  38. Helping with strategies That may need ‘tweaking’…

  39. Helping you survive your ‘two year interview’…

  40. Got Questions?

  41. For more info on BTSA and SCOE’s local program, visit out website:

  42. From all the students whose lives you will touch throughout your career!