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Boyan’s Indian Dishes

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Boyan’s Indian Dishes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Boyan’s Indian Dishes. Hall Cooking Competition. 14 Mar 2007. Overview. Indian cuisine is distinguished by sophisticated use of spices and herbs influence of the longstanding and widespread practice of vegetarianism in Indian society. Spices We are Using include:. Asafoetida 阿魏.

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boyan s indian dishes

Boyan’s Indian Dishes

Hall Cooking Competition

14 Mar 2007


Indian cuisine is distinguished by

  • sophisticated use of spices and herbs
  • influence of the longstanding and widespread practice of vegetarianism in Indian society
spices we are using include
Spices We are Using include:

Asafoetida 阿魏

Cardamom 小豆蔻

Clove 丁香

Cumin 孜然



a ppetizer alu chat
Appetizer:Alu Chat薯依茵綠漾椰華
  • Potato, Jaljira (cumin), Coconut, Green pea, Onion, cumin powder, Black Pepper Turmeric, Lemon, Rock Salt,carrot
  • Its an appetizer originated from north-India and suitable for hot and cold climate.
soup dal s horaba
Soup:Dal Shoraba蝦繞菊悠豆蔻佳
  • Lentil, Prawn, Turmeric, Cumin , Coriander , Asafetida, Raisin, Green Pea, Coconut, Cashew, Almond,
  • This soup is prepared using variation of an Indian dish.
main course moghlai murg parantha
Main Course:Moghlai Murg Parantha餅酢炙羹曛暖意
  • Parantha(餅)+ Mushalam(羹)
  • Parantha (餅): Flour, Egg, Chicken Dust, Ghee, Biscuit Dust, Turmeric, Cumin , Coriander, Asafetida, Raisin, Onion, Ginger, Garlic
  • Specially introduce by Mughal people in India but now within the main course of India. Parantha is a flatbread that originated in the Indian subcontinent
murg mushalam
Murg Mushalam
  • Mushalam(羹): Chicken, Tomato, Ghee, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Curd, Coconut, Indian Spices
  • Introduced specially from the Kolkata, East India. Its is also now famous in Western & Northern part of India
dessert gajor ki halwa

Dessert:Gajor Ki Halwa乳酬甘筍慰涼暇

Carrot, Milk, Cream, Cashew,Almond, Raisin, Mango

The word halva means sweet, which is used to describe many distinct types of sweet confection, This dessert is popular in India, Pakistan, and Persia.

We decorate this dish with “I love Boyan”.

appetizing color
Appetizing Color
  • The hypothalamus (丘脑下部), a part of the brain, is the main regulatory organ for human appetite.
  • This organ can be stimulated by colors.
  • In spring, colors with large wave-length make people warm and comfortable
  • We choose
    • Appetizer: Gold
    • Soup: Yellow
    • Main Course: Orange and Red
    • Dessert: Orange
nutrition and health
Nutrition and Health
  • The updated USDA food pyramid, published in 2005, is a general nutrition guide for recommended food consumption.
nutrition and health ii
Nutrition and Health (II)
  • Grains: Wheat Flour
  • Vegetables: Carrot, Potato, Tomato, Onion, Ginger, Garlic
  • Fruits: Mango, Lemon, Raisin, Coconut
  • Milk: Pure Milk, Cream
  • Meat and Beans: Lentil, Green Pea, Prawn, Chicken
    • Nuts: Cashew,Almond
    • Egg
nice names are necessary
Nice Names are Necessary
  • The Chinese names of our four dishes compose a Chinese poem in strict rhymes (七言絕句 )
  • 薯依茵綠漾椰華
  • 蝦繞菊悠豆蔻佳
  • 餅酢炙羹曛暖意
  • 乳酬甘筍慰涼暇